Voting Record
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Voting Summary for Meeting Official Charlie Odegaard
11/20/2018 - City Council Meeting - FINAL
AYE, AYE 6.A.  Consideration of Appointments:  Heritage Preservation Commission.
AYE 7.A.  Consideration and Action on Liquor License Application:  Steven Hallum "Swift Travel Center," 3099 W. Shamrell Boulevard, Series 10 (beer and wine store), New License.
AYE 8.  

All matters under Consent Agenda are considered by the City Council to be routine and will be enacted by one motion approving the recommendations listed on the agenda. Unless otherwise indicated, expenditures approved by Council are budgeted items.
AYE 9.A.  Consideration and Approval of Cooperative Purchasing Contract:  Contract phased retirement program through cooperative purchasing agreement with Mohave Cooperative.
AYE 9.B.  Consideration and Approval of Purchase Contract:  Purchase of 7 Scott Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), 7 Scott Face Piece masks, and 14 Scott 45-min SCBA Bottles from Fisher Scientific Company, L.L.C.
AYE, AYE 9.C.  Consideration and Adoption of Ordinance No. 2018-38:  An ordinance of the City Council of the City of Flagstaff, amending the Flagstaff City Code by amending Title 9 Traffic Code Section 9-01-001-0003 Stopping or Standing and Parking Restrictions, to modify parking violation fines, providing for penalties, repeal of conflicting ordinances, severability, and establishing an effective date.
NAY, AYE 14.A.  Consideration and Adoption of Ordinance No. 2018-40: An ordinance of the Mayor and Council of the City of Flagstaff, Arizona amending the Flagstaff City Code, Title 12, Floodplains, Chapter 12-02, Stormwater Management Utility, by amending the  Schedule of Stormwater Management Utility Service Charges and Fees; providing for repeal of conflicting ordinances, severability, penalties, and establishing an effective date. (Changes in stormwater fees)
AYE, AYE 15.A.  Consideration and Adoption of Resolution No. 2018-56:  A resolution adopting the Climate Action and Adaptation Plan.
AYE, AYE 15.B.  Consideration and Adoption of Resolution No. 2018-54:  A resolution of the Flagstaff City Council authorizing an Intergovernmental Agreement with the Arizona Department of Transportation for Construction of the Fourth Street /I-40 Bridge Replacement Project.
AYE, AYE 15.C.  Consideration and Adoption of Resolution No. 2018-43 and Ordinance No. 2018-32:  An ordinance and resolution amending the Flagstaff City Code, Title 7, Health and Sanitation, and Title 12, Floodplains, to adopt an Enforcement Response Plan related to enforcement of water, pretreatment, wastewater, and stormwater regulations, including administrative fines and/or penalties for violations
AYE 15.D.  Consideration and Adoption of Resolution No. 2018-55 and Ordinance No. 2018-41:  An ordinance and resolution amending the Flagstaff City Code, Chapter 1-14, Personnel System, by adopting Addendum 16 to the Employee Handbook of Regulations to add Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace and Employee Alcohol and Controlled Substance Testing Policy.
AYE 16.A.  Discussion: Sound level regulations at special events.
TOTALS: AYE:   17 NAY:   1 Other:    0    ABSENT:   0