A Consideration and Approval of Cooperative Purchasing Contract:  Contract phased retirement program through cooperative purchasing agreement with Mohave Cooperative.         
  Human Resources Director Shannon Anderson stated that the contract with SmartWorks is a succession planning tool that allows employees the ability to train and complete projects as they phase out to retirement.
Councilmember Putzova asked how many people have utilized the program. Ms. Anderson stated that each year it is between two and four individuals.
Councilmember McCarthy stated that the employee only receives 75% of what they were making before they entered into the program; he asked what the rationale was for that figure. Ms. Anderson stated that the 75% is because the employee is not doing the full scope of the job, they are focused on the knowledge transfer or completion of projects. Additionally, they are receiving their pension from the State retirement system at the same time.
  Moved by Vice Mayor Jamie Whelan, seconded by Councilmember Jim McCarthy to approve the purchase from SmartworksPlus for an annual amount up to $800,000 plus applicable taxes.
  Vote: 6 - 1
NAY: Councilmember Scott Overton