A Consideration and Action on Liquor License Application: Shelby Lapsley, Sunnyside Chevron, 2205 N. 4th Street, Series 09 (liquor store - all spirituous liquor), Owner Transfer.         
  Mayor Evans opened the public hearing for both licenses.
Sgt. Collin Seay addressed the Council with a brief explanation of the licenses.
Mayor Evans stated that she is concerned about the change in business model that will allow for the sale of shooters and 40s. She indicated that there has been significant work in the Fourth Street corridor to combat some of the issues with public intoxication and many of the stores in the area have pulled those products from their shelves. She stated that she will be voting no on a recommendation for approval.
Councilmember Odegaard echoed Mayor Evans’ comments and expressed disappointment with the intent to sell the single serve items. He will be voting yes on a recommendation for approval but hopes that the owner will work with the City to assist in the effort and realize the importance of the issue in the community.
Councilmember Whelan offered that simply taking the alcohol away will not take away the problem. She encouraged the owner to empower the employees to say no when it is appropriate.

There being no public comment Mayor Evans closed the public hearing.
  Moved by Councilmember Jamie Whelan, seconded by Councilmember Regina Salas to forward the application to the State with a recommendation of approval.
  Vote: 4 - 3
NAY: Councilmember Austin Aslan
  Mayor Coral Evans
  Vice Mayor Adam Shimoni