Voting Record
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Voting Summary for Meeting Official Adam Shimoni
01/15/2019 - City Council Meeting - FINAL
AYE, AYE, AYE, AYE 7.A.  Consideration of Appointments:  Heritage Preservation Commission.
AYE, AYE 7.B.  Consideration of Appointments:  Planning and Zoning Commission.
AYE, AYE 7.C.  Consideration of Appointments:  Board of Adjustment.
AYE 7.D.  Consideration of Appointments:  Transportation Commission.
AYE, AYE, AYE, AYE 7.E.  Consideration of Appointments:  Tourism Commission.
NAY 8.A.  Consideration and Action on Liquor License Application: Shelby Lapsley, Sunnyside Chevron, 2205 N. 4th Street, Series 09 (liquor store - all spirituous liquor), Owner Transfer.
AYE 8.B.  Consideration and Action on Liquor License Application:  John Kennelly, "Historic Brewing Company Barrel & Bottle House", 110 S. San Francisco Street, STE C, Series 12 (restaurant), New License.
AYE 9.  

All matters under Consent Agenda are considered by the City Council to be routine and will be enacted by one motion approving the recommendations listed on the agenda. Unless otherwise indicated, expenditures approved by Council are budgeted items.
AYE 10.A.  Consideration of Appointments: On-Call Magistrates for the Flagstaff Municipal Court.
AYE, AYE 10.B.  Consideration and Adoption of Ordinance No. 2018- 46:  An annexation ordinance extending and increasing the corporate limits of the City of Flagstaff by annexing certain land totaling approximately 1.87 acres located at 5595 N. Dakota Street, and establishing city zoning for said land as Highway Commercial, HC. (Annexation of property to facilitate the redevelopment of a retail sales convenience store with fuel sales.)
AYE, AYE 10.C.  Consideration and Adoption of Ordinance No. 2018-44: An ordinance of the Flagstaff City Council approving an Intergovernmental Agreement between the State of Arizona and the City of Flagstaff and authorizing the acquisition of a utility easement for the design and construction of a sewer line relocation located along Milton Rd. just north of McConnell Dr.
TOTALS: AYE:   20 NAY:   1 Other:    0    ABSENT:   0