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Meeting Date: 11/17/2020  
From: Stacy Fobar, Deputy City Clerk

Consideration of Appointments:  Housing Commission
Make one appointment to a Community Representative seat for a term expiring in September 2021. 
Make one appointment to a Community Representative seat for a term expiring in September 2023.
Make one appointment to a Building and Real Estate Professional - Realtor seat to a term expiring in September 2023.
Make one appointment to a Building and Real Estate Professional - Any seat to a term expiring in September 2023.
Executive Summary:
The Housing Commission consists of thirteen (13) voting members; twelve (12) members appointed by the City Council and one (1) representative from the Flagstaff Housing Authority Board of Commissioners. The Commission serves as an advisory board to City Council regarding housing policies, needs, and programs in Flagstaff. There are currently four seats available due to one resignation and three term expirations. Two of the available seats are for Building and Real Estate Professionals with a requirement of appointing at least one Realtor. There are currently two Community Representative seats available. Please note that the Building and Real Estate Professionals - Developer seat is not being appointed at this time due to lack of applications. 

The authority for the commission requires that the members shall be appointed into one of three professional categories: Building and Real Estate Professionals (6 members requiring at least one builder, one developer, one realtor, one lender, and one residential multi-family/property management representative); Low Income Housing Experts (3 members); and Community Representatives (3 members).

There are three (3) Building and Real Estate Professional applications and five (5) Community Representatives applications on file for consideration by the Council. The authority requires that one of the Building and Real Estate Professional seats be a realtor. The applications are as follows:
  • Eric Davis - Building & Real Estate Professional - Realtor (current commissioner)
  • Melinda DeBoer-Aryer - Building & Real Estate Professional - Realtor (current commissioner)
  • Tyler Denham - Community Representative (new applicant)
  • Sandi Flores - Building & Real Estate Other Professional/Landlord (new applicant)
  • Yiqun Lin - Community Representative (new applicant)
  • Adrah N.  Parafiniuk - Community Representative (new applicant)
  • Joanna  Wheaton - Community Representative (new applicant)
  • Jayden Wheeler - Community Representative (new applicant)
In an effort to reduce exposure to personal information, the applicant roster and applications will be submitted to the City Council separately.

COUNCIL APPOINTMENT ASSIGNMENT: Councilmember McCarthy, Councilmember Whelan, Vice Mayor Shimoni, Mayor Evans
Financial Impact:
These are voluntary positions and there is no budgetary impact to the City of Flagstaff.
Policy Impact:
Connection to PBB Key Community Priorities/Objectives & Regional Plan:
There is no Council goal that specifically addresses appointments to boards and commissions; however, boards and commissions do provide input and recommendations based on City Council goals that may pertain to the board or commission work plan.
Has There Been Previous Council Decision on This:
Options and Alternatives:
1) Appoint four Commissioners: By appointing members at this time, the Housing Commission will be at near full membership, allowing the group to meet and provide recommendations to the City Council.
2) Table the action to allow for further discussion or expand the list of candidates.
Community Benefits and Considerations:
The City's boards, commissions, and committees were created to foster public participation and input and to encourage Flagstaff citizens to take an active role in city government.
Community Involvement:
INFORM: The vacancies are posted on the City's website and individual recruitment and mention of the openings by Board members and City staff has occurred, informing others of these vacancies through word of mouth.
Housing Commission Authority
Applications Breakdown


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