October 19, 2021
1:30 P.M.

Call to Order
  Chair Wegwert called the meeting to order at 1:32 PM.
3. Roll Call
DeAnn Wegwert, Chair Robert "Dan" Duke
Claire Hardi
Mandy Martinez Gebler
Marcela Pino
Jean Toner, Vice Chair
Christine Tucci
4. Public Comment
  • Jessica Vigorito (Staff Liaison)
  • Mayor Deasy
  • Felicia Fiedler
  • Chris Rhode City of Flagstaff Management Analyst
  • Jenny Niemann City of Flagstaff Climate Manager
  • NAU Climate Science and Solutions student group
5. Approval of Minutes
A. Consideration and Approval of Minutes: Commission on Diversity Awareness Meeting of September 21, 2021.
  • Chair Wegwert requested the following updates to the minutes:
    • Commissioner Duke should be listed as the Chair for the September meeting
    • Spell out ARM and DBA
  • Vice Chair Toner motioned for the September 21, 2021 amended minutes to be approved. Commissioner Pino second the motion.
  • Motion approved unanimously.
6. Date of Next Meeting - November 16, 2021 at 1:30pm
  • Commissioner Pino unavailable
  • Based on responses from other members, there should still be a quorum so a reschedule is not needed. 
7. Action Items
A. NAU Climate Science and Solutions Presentation 
  • City of Flagstaff Climate Manager Jenny Nieman introduced the NAU Climate Science and Solutions student group.
  • The student group gave their presentation and asked for ideas and feedback on how the group can proceed with their efforts. 
  • Commissioner Toner thanked the group and asked some follow up questions regarding the Open Forum and the Water Usage comments. 
  • Commissioner Gebler asked for clarification on the diseases mentioned as a result of mosquitos
  • Chair Wegwert asked how the group would like feedback on the presentation.  A member of the group responded by using the email provided in the presentation.  The student group asked for topics related to diversity not captured in the presentation.
  • Chair Wegwert requested Liaison to add the Indigenous Peoples Day recording in the minutes. As of Monday, October 25th the videos are not available but the Liaison will send them via e-mail once they are posted. 
8. Reports/Discussion Items
A. Recommendations to Council and Current Commission Priorities
Updates on Recommendations 
  • The Management Analyst for the City Manager’s Office, Chris,  introduced himself and explained what the Municipal Equity Index is.
  • Chris explained that this item will go to Council for direction on how to address this item on the scorecard. 
  • Commissioner Hardi asked for more detailed information on the Municipal Equity Index scorecard. Chris said yes and that it will be shared once it is cleaned up. 
  • Chair Wegwert asked some follow up questions. 
  • Vice Chair Toner asked if Chris could come back to the Commission with ideas when he is ready but would like to continue on the FAIR item path and discuss with Council. 
  • Chair Wegwert stated the Commission would like to proceed with Council discussion.
Recommendations for Consideration 
Anti Camping Ordinance 
  • Commissioner Hardi updated the group that Commissioner Duke has reached out to multiple organizations. Commissioner Hardi received a records request with Flagstaff Police Department and City of Flagstaff related to the ordinance including violation records.  It will take time to go through all of the data once it comes in and that there is a fee associated with obtaining the data. 
  • Commissioner Hardi also said that the data might be challenging to go through but is committed to going through the process. 
  • Staff Liaison reminded the group of the Commission’s budget.
  • Vice Chair Toner motioned to use the Commission’s budget to pay for the data retrieval cost up to $35.00, Chair Wegwert seconded motion, motion passed unanimously.
B. Discussion of the Town Hall Alternate Response Model and Care Center
  • Vice Chair Toner stated that the article in the Daily Sun captured a summary of the event well and it was a well-attended event.  Other members had similar comments about the event. 
  • Commissioner Gebler left the meeting at 2:37pm.
C. Workgroup Update
Land Acknowledgment and Involvement with the Renaming of the Peaks and Snowbowl expansion plans
  • Chair Wegwert provided an update on the Indigenous Commission meeting. Indigenous Commission completed the draft of the Land Acknowledgment.  
  • Vice Chair Toner stated to eliminate the recommendation from 9/21 since there was already a Land Acknowledgment in process with the Indigenous Commission.
  • Vice Chair Toner read the draft letter of support to the Indigenous Commissions’ Land Acknowledgment.  Chair Wegwert asked what should be done with the Statement of support.  Commissioner Toner recommended providing the support at the time the Land Acknowledgment is provided to Council.
  • Chair Wegwert motioned for statement to go before council when the land acknowledgment is presented to Council. Commissioner Pino seconded the motion.  The motion passes unanimously.
  • Proposed thank you letter to the Native American Club for their presentation
  • Commissioner Pino left at 3:01pm
  • Commission requested to bring the thank you letter back next meeting due to time constraints. 
D. Proclamations Work Group Update
  None in addition to those listed in Future Items. 
9. Agenda for Future Meeting(s)
i. Future Priorities
  • Criminal Justice conversation with Flagstaff Police Department
  • Conversation with Downtown Business Alliance including literature to distribute
  • Civil Rights
B. Future Proclamations
Black History Month February
Mental Health Awareness Month March
10. Adjourment
  Chair Wegwert adjourned the meeting at 3:06 PM.


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