City Council Work Session - AMENDED

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Meeting Date: 10/26/2021  
From: Dan Symer, Zoning Code Manager
Department: Community Development  
Co-Submitter: Sara Dechter, Comprehensive & Neighborhood Planning Manager

Overview of the High Occupancy Housing Specific Plan and Related Implementation Programs and Amendments
Provide a presentation to the City Council on the High Occupancy Housing Specific Plan (HOH Plan) and related City Code, programs, and policy amendments, and to allow for the City Council and the public to ask questions, have a discussion, offer comments, and provide direction on future steps related to High Occupancy Housing.
The HOH Plan (Link to the HOH Plan ) was adopted in February 2018.  To implement the HOH Plan, the City Council has implemented City-NAU Neighborhood Liaison program, updated the policy on small parks, and amended that City Code on four separate occasions.  The purpose of the work session is to provide the City Council with an overview of the HOH Plan and the related City Code, program, and policy amendments that have been adopted so far.
I. Work Session Objectives:
For your reference, below is a summary of the staff presentation (attached) to the City Council’s comments and direction:
  • Overview of the scope, definitions, and key strategies of the HOH Plan;
  • Review the implementation and adjustments made since the 2018 adoption of the HOH Plan;
  • Overview of current HOH cases; and
  • Seek Council direction on information needs, next steps, and other adjustments.
II. Background Summary:
In February 2018, the City Council adopted the citywide HOH Plan, a specific plan to the Regional Plan, and related amendments to the Regional Plan. The HOH Plan was developed in response to the community’s dialogue about previously proposed high-intensity mid-rise developments near historic neighborhoods that primarily catered to college students. The HOH Plan is intended to provide direction in the form of goals and policies to accommodate a variety of housing options in areas of the city that can support infill, redevelopment, and mixed-use activities.  The HOH Plan identified dozens of goals, policies, and strategies that could be implemented to address the unintended impacts of these buildings on neighborhood character, affordability, and transportation.  

Since the HOH Plan was adopted, several programs, policies, and City Code amendments have been adopted to implement the plan.  These amendments include:
  • Modifications to the Regional Plan;
  • Implementing the City-NAU Neighborhood Liaison program;
  • Updating the policy on small parks;
  • Adopting the most recent International Energy Conservation Code; and
  • Adopting amendments to the Zoning Code to incorporate the HOH Plan's goals, policies and strategies, and public comments.
The broadest of the City Code amendments to implement the HOH Plan are those that were adopted as part of the Zoning Code in November 2020 (Attachment 1). 

The presentaiton includes slides with the heading "Adjustments in Implementation".  These are zoning requiements that went beyond what the adopted HOH plan recommended. 

High Occupancy Housing Informational Flyer
High Occupancy Housing October 26 2021 Presentation
1. Standards Included in the High Occupancy Housing Zoning Code Text Amendment


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