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Meeting Date: 09/08/2020  
Co-Submitter: Greg Clifton From: Stacy Fobar, Deputy City Clerk

Update on Arizona State Land Department Auction of 405.36 acres located south of I-40 and east of John Wesley Powell Boulevard within Section 26
The update is provided for information only.
The Arizona State Land Department has announced a public auction will be held on October 22, 2020 of 405.36 acres of property located south of I-40, at the eastern terminus of John Wesley Powell Boulevard. The property is within Section 26 to the northeast of Pine Canyon.  Application # 53-120834 was filed by Symmetry Development Co, Inc. requesting the property be sold at auction.  Symmetry Development is the current owner of Pine Canyon. The property has been appraised at $10,536,000.
The applicant Symmetry Development Co, Inc is required to conduct due diligence in preparation of the auction.  An ALTA survey, Phase 1 Environmental Survey, Cultural Resource Survey and an appraisal have been completed and are attached to this summary.   The Arizona State Land Department is required to advertise the auction for 10 weeks prior to an auction occurring.  The auction has been scheduled for Thursday, October 22, 2020, at 11:00am on the west steps of the Coconino County Courthouse.

In addition to the potential development of the parcel, the City of Flagstaff and our residents have several interests in the property.  The Arizona Trail traverses the parcel and the parcel is included in the John Wesley Powell Specific Plan for the extension of John Wesley Powell Boulevard (JWP) to Fourth Street.  In 1998 the Arizona State Land Trust sold right-of-way to the City of Flagstaff for the Arizona Trail and dedicated it as a public trail.  The ALTA survey identifies it as a 30’ trail easement.  The recorded trail conveyance is attached to this summary.

The future extension of JWP will cross the subject property and is included in the JWP Specific Plan.  The consulting engineer has incorporated grade separated crossings of the Arizona Trail where it will intersect with the new roadway.  Staff will be providing an update to City Council on the JWP Specific Plan this fall as we near completion of Phase I, which among other items will provide 30% roadway design.  Phase II of the JWP plan will include public engagement and taking the plan through the adoption process.  During Phase II staff anticipates discussions on the corridor necessary to protect the recreation experience of the Arizona Trail.  In addition, Multi-Modal Planner Martin Ince is taking the lead on preparing comments for the Arizona National Scenic Trail Comprehensive Management Plan, solicited by the Forest Service.

AZ Trail ROW Sale 1998
Flag 400 Auction Flyer
Flag 400 Auction Notice
Flag 400 Parcel Map
Flag 400 w AZ Trail Map
Flagstaff 400 alta survey
Flagstaff 400 Phase 1 Environmental Report


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