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City Council Meeting - FINAL
Meeting Date: 09/05/2017  
From: Michael Abeyta, Recreation Supervisor

Consideration and Approval of License Agreement: Between the City of Flagstaff and the Flagstaff Youth Hockey Association (FYHA) which outlines the responsibilities for both parties including the rental of ice time from the City of Flagstaff Jay Lively Activity Center.
Approve the license agreement between the City of Flagstaff and the Flagstaff Youth Hockey Association with anticipated revenue of approximately $69,000.
Executive Summary:
The agreement between the City of Flagstaff and the Flagstaff Youth Hockey Association outlines the details for renting ice at the Jay Lively Activity Center. Ice time will be rented out for the purpose of games and practices.
Financial Impact:
Last fiscal year the Flagstaff Youth Hockey Association paid the City of Flagstaff $69,326.13 for use of the Jay Lively Activity Center.  The estimated revenue for this next year's agreement is estimated at $69,000.
Policy Impact:
No policy impacts.
Connection to Council Goal, Regional Plan and/or TeamFlagstaff Strategic Plan:
Council goal: Community Outreach - enhance public transparency and accessibility
Team Flagstaff Strategic Priorities: Provide exceptional service and work in partnership to enhance a safe and livable community.
Has There Been Previous Council Decision on This:
The City Council originally approved the existing rental rates for ice time for local non-profit entities in 2013 with updates in 2014.
Options and Alternatives:
A) Approve the License Agreement as presented
B) Direct staff to revise the License Agreement
C) Not approve the License Agreement and direct staff to address ice rentals in another manner
License Agreements are coordinated each year between user groups and Jay Lively Activity Center staff with the approval of the City Attorney's office and the Risk Manager. Most of these agreements are under $50,000 in revenue to the City and do not require Council approval.  Due to the level of revenue anticipated with this agreement ($69,000), the City Attorney's Office recommended City Council approval.
Key Considerations:
Flagstaff Youth Hockey Association (FYHA) is in good standing and continues to pay their monthly invoices in a timely manner.
Expanded Financial Considerations:
 The FYHA is scheduled to pay the City of Flagstaff a total of $69,326.13 for fiscal year 2018. Due to unanticipated changes in schedule, cancelations and additions of ice time are expected and will be addressed in the rental fees at that time.
Community Benefits and Considerations:
 Approving the contract allows children and coaches to continue utilizing ice time for games, practices, hockey camps and clinics.
Community Involvement:
The City of Flagstaff Jay Lively Activity Center staff continue to work closely with all user groups to divide up usable ice time in a fair manner.
FHYA Contract

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