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Special Meeting/Retreat

JULY 13, 2021
            1:00 P.M.
1. Call to Order
  Chair Duke called the meeting to order at 1:04 PM.
2. Roll Call
NOTE: One or more Commission Members may be in attendance telephonically or by other technological means.
Robert "Dan" Duke, Chair
Christine Tucci
Mandy Martinez Gebler
Claire Hardi
Marcela Pino
Jean Toner
DeAnn Wegwert, Vice Chair
DeAnn Wegwert, Vice-chair  
Marcela Pino  
Claire Hardi  
Christine Tucci  
Mandy Gebler  
Dan Duke, Chair  
Jean Toner  

Others in Attendance: Mayor Paul Deasy, Staff Liaison Jessica Vigorito
3. Recommended Protocol for Members and Other Participants in the Virtual Meeting
All individuals should have their microphones on mute to keep the background noise out of the chat room.The Chair of the meeting should ensure everyone has an opportunity to speak if they would like.
4. Public Comment

The Commission cannot act upon items presented during the Public Participation portion of the Agenda. Individual Commission members may ask questions of the public but are prohibited by the Open Meeting Law from discussion or considering the item among themselves until the item is officially placed on the Agenda. Each public comment or presentation will be limited to five (5) minutes.
  • Reviewed process for public comments/questions
  • Reminded the group that the meeting is being recorded
5. Welcome and Introduction
Welcome all Commission Members
Introduce yourself to the group and include one fun fact about yourself that the group may not already know.
  Each member took a few minutes to introduce themselves to the group
6. Goals for the Retreat
Diversity Survey Plan of Action
Discuss plan to increase partnerships with other Diversity groups and Commissions
  Discussed the goals for the Retreat
7. Review Enacting Authority
It shall be the Commission’s duty to advise the City Council on issues and methods in promoting diversity awareness within the City of Flagstaff.
Review Functions in Enacting Authority

  • It shall be the Commission’s duty to advise the City Council on issues and methods in promoting diversity awareness within the City of Flagstaff.
  • Review Functions in Enacting Authority
    • Read and clarified some functions in the Enacting Authority
    • Requested to have Recommendations update on agendas      
      • Restroom update and Insurrection update at July meeting
8. Diversity Survey 
  • Review Survey and Results
    • The group reviewed the presentation and the results
    • Commission members felt that Housing wasn’t an area they could really make recommendations on aside from acknowledging that race was a concern when it comes to Housing.
    • Commissioner Toner recommended having a liaison follow up with Parks and Recreation and Parking and Roads.
    • Commissioner Wegwert recommended follow up with the Parks and Recreation Group to give more feedback from the survey
      • Commissioner Toner volunteered to meet with Parks and Recreation Director to provide more detailed information on the survey. All members supported this effort.
    • Commissioner Toner directed focus to the bullet on slide 41 “Possibly establish liaison with FPD Citizens Liaison Committee and the Downtown Business Alliance”
      • Commissioner Hardi stated concerns about this recommendation
      • Commissioner Toner suggested working with Flag PD directly instead of the Liaison group as a priority. Commissioner Wegwert agreed with this recommendation.
      • Mayor Deasy mentioned the potential for expanding Civil Rights
      • Commissioner Tucci recommended providing information from the survey but also reminded that not all businesses are part of the DBA.
      • Chair Duke volunteered to become more active with the DBA to assist with disseminating information such as a pamphlet.
      • Commissioner Pino recommended identifying the action items
        • Commissioner Toner recommended a working group to identify ways to address recommendations and do some research on what other cities have done.
        • Commissioner Hardi agreed with developing a subcommittee to address follow up in more detail.
        • Commissioner Hardi shared information on Senate Bill 1532 and asked about a policy component
        • Commissioner Pino asked if the City has Council or Attorney assistance
          • Mayor Deasy volunteered to follow up with the City Attorney on this request.
        • Commissioner Pino recommended creating a list of priorities after the break
  • Establish a plan of action/recommendations to council from survey/Next steps
    • Commissioner Toner mentioned Council Member Aslan asked for land Acknowledgement on Council Agenda.
    • Commissioner Wegwert requested the Commission formally consider Council Member Aslan’s recommendation on Land Use
    • Commissioner Toner recommended the following priorities
      • Criminal Justice conversation with Flag PD
      • Conversation with DBA including literature to distribute
      • Land Acknowledgment
      • Civil Rights
      • Involvement with the Renaming on the Peaks and Snowbowl expansion plans
    • Commissioner Pino recommended a group for Proclamations, Recommendations, Land Use,
    • Commissioner Pino asked about accessibility recommendations from the survey
      • Commissioner Toner recommended speaking to the Inclusion Commission regarding accessibility
      • Commissioner Pino asked whether the 2013 Citizens Survey is relevant given the time has passed. Commissioner Toner suggested it be crossed off the list.
      • Commissioner Pino recommended discussing what each workgroup will work on, so they have focus.
      • Staff Liaison will find out Indigenous dates and times for July 20, 2021 meeting.  
  • NAU Diversity report 
    • Did not discuss the NAU Report
  • Chairperson Duke called a ten-minute break at 2:53 pm and resumed the meeting at 3:05 pm
10. Partnerships 
County Boards and Commissions 
City Boards and Commissions 

  • County and City list of Boards and Commissions
    • Presentation to Inclusion Commission
    • Present to Indigenous Commission
    • 3 County Diversity Councils
    • NAU and CCC groups
      • Diversity Fellows NAU
  • Commissioner Hardi asked to discuss whether they can make a recommendation to Council regarding the anti-camping ordinance.
  Chair Duke adjourned the meeting at 4:00 PM.


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