July 21, 2021
             4:00 P.M.

The meetings recording are available on the city's website
Call to Order
  Chairman Hayward called the meeting to order at 4:08 p.m.
2. Roll Call
David Hayward
Emily Dale
Jill Hough
Caitlin Kelly

Jerry Mclaughlin
Charles Webber
3. Public Comment

At this time, any member of the public may address the Commission on any subject within their jurisdiction that is not scheduled before the Commission on that day. Due to Open Meeting Laws, the Commission cannot discuss or act on items presented during this portion of the agenda. To address the Commission on an item that is on the agenda, please wait for the Chair to call for Public Comment at the time the item is heard.
  No public comment
  Moved by Emily Dale, seconded by Jill Hough to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of the Heritage Preservation Commission held on June 16, 2021.
  Vote: 4 - 0
A. 123 E Benton - Mommaerts - Harrington window restoration facade grant
Address: 123 E Benton Ave 
Assessor's Parcel Number:  10401089
Property Owner: Katherine Mommaerts & Andrew Harrington 
Applicant:  Mommaerts - Harrington
City Staff:  Mark Reavis, Heritage Preservation Officer

Provide a matching grant for replacement of 1980s replacement windows with historically appropriate profile windows in keeping with the historic character of the property.Project replaces large double-hung window visible on the 2 visible facades.
Provide a matching grant of $9,235.02 for the project.
Modify the requirements of the grant.
The interior of the project has undergone extensive rehabilitation and has been reviewed by the HPO for compliance. The project retains the unique open truss system of this vernacular building. Interior floor system had failed and the rehabilitation will extend the life of the home.
  Mark Reavis, Heritage Preservation Officer gave a brief introduction to the project and applicant for window restoration matching grant at 123 E Benton Ave.

Andrew Harrington and Katherine Mommaerts, the applicants, gave a brief presentation about the window restoration project and how the matching grant funds would be used.

Abbey Buckham, Heritage Preservation Intern, Asked the applicant to send information about the property to help with Southside Inventory.

Emily Dale: Asked to verify that the window openings will remain the same and that the applicant will just be replacing windows in the same opening.

Andrew Harrington: Confirmed that window openings would remain the same.

Mark Reavis: Confirmed that contractor submitted revisions that confirm center stucco division is being retained.

David Hayward: Asked whether fiberglass is an appropriate material for this project.

Mark Reavis: Confirmed that fiberglass is an appropriate material to add depth and profile that is more keeping historically.
  Moved by David Hayward, seconded by Emily Dale to approve signs and facades grant for 123 E Benton Ave
  Vote: 4 - 0
B. America's Rehabilitation Center - ARC Flagstaff
Address:  7000 N Highway 89
Assessor's Parcel Number:  301-50-005G & 113-17-011A
Property Owner: America's Rehabilitation Centers 
Applicant: Paul D. Bustamante Project Architect   
City Staff:  Mark Reavis, Heritage Preservation Officer

Review and accept Site Survey Letter Report from Cornerstone Environmental redacted version (redacted report removes mapping of adjacent resources. The report notes 2 isolated archeological occurrences. The consultant recommends no further action, but does note in the addendum the high concentration of adjacent resources and the Elden Pueblo. 
The HPO recommends accepting the Site Survey Letter Report as the surface survey of the site of current known archeological and historic conditions. The site is situated in an area of high archeological site density within the 1-mile search area with 77 known archeological sites. Because of the concentration of archeological sites, it is recommended that the Letter Report be approved with conditions as an initial step in the protection of resources. HPO recommends the conditions of:
  1. additional training be provided prior to the start of excavation with a focus on provisions contained within the projects construction specifications noting unanticipated discoveries, antiquities laws and stoppage of work,
  2. an archeologist on-call be under contract for the duration of the construction on site, and 
  3. a specification be written on the site plan that future ground disturbing construction applications be reviewed by the Heritage Preservation Officer for archeological resources.

Recommended motion: Approve the Letter Report for parcels 301-50-005G and 113-17-011A in Flagstaff, for America's Rehab Centers Campus annexation, rezoning and concept plan with the condition above.
Accept the consultants recommendations.

  Mark Reavis, Heritage Preservation Officer gave a brief introduction to the Site Survey Letter Report for the project at 7000 N Highway 89.

Josh Edwards, Consultant, gave a presentation on the findings from the Site Survey. The presentation included mention of 2 isolated occurrences and the recommendation to exclude an area from ground disturbance.

Jill Hough: Commented that North side of Sheep Hill was Flagstaff’s first alpine ski area.

Mark Reavis: Clarified that because the one-mile search revealed a high concentration of archeological sites he is recommending that additional training be provided prior to start of excavation, that there is an archeologist on call and under contract for the duration of excavation, and that on site plan review the future ground disturbance construction be reviewed by himself.

David Hayward: Asked Josh Edwards whether his team is in agreement with the recommended conditions?

Josh Edwards: Confirmed that his team was in agreement.

David Hayward: Mentioned a recent paleontological finding that highlights the benefit of training prior to excavation.

Emily Dale: Asked whether there has been any discussion of penalties if something is found and not reported?

Josh Edwards: Stated that he was not aware of any discussion and confirmed that he believes the proactive approach outlined by Mark Reavis seems like the right approach to take.

Mark Reavis: The letter report cites State and fed laws that are applicable.

Josh Edwards: Stated that the zoning code is likely the only law covering the private property in question, unless human remains are found, in which case state law would apply.

Sara Dechter: The city does have the ability to use code enforcement mechanism if someone is not following a condition of approval on building or grading permit.

Dan Symer, Zoning Code Manager: The Historic Preservation Section refers to the code enforcement section and civil penalties. The civil penalties vary and consist of the ability to issue violations per day.

Jill Hough: Asked that when doing excavation why the developer wouldn’t have an archeologist on site, particularly if subsurface human remains might be found.

Josh Edwards: Stated that the standard practice, in this case, is not to have a monitor.

Sara Dechter: In response to Jill Hough’s concerns about human remains - the standard procedure is to call the police first and have a forensic expert determine the age of remains. If the remains are not modern, then the archeologist on-call would make further determinations.
  Moved by Jill Hough, seconded by Caitlin Kelly to accept the site survey letter report from cornerstone regarding America’s Rehabilitation Center at 7000 N Highway 89 with the conditions that:
  1. additional training be provided prior to the start of excavation with a focus on provisions contained within the projects construction specifications noting unanticipated discoveries, antiquities laws and stoppage of work,
  2. an archeologist on-call be under contract for the duration of the construction on site, and
  3. a specification be written on the site plan that future ground disturbing construction applications be reviewed by the Heritage Preservation Officer for archeological resources.
  Vote: 4 - 0
C. Northern Arizona Health - new campus
Address:  391 S Beulah Blvd - intersection of Beulah and Purple Sage Trail
Assessor's Parcel Numbers attached  
Property Owner:  Northern Arizona Health
Applicant:  Northern Arizona Health
City Staff: Mark Reavis, Heritage Preservation Officer

Approve the Cultural Resource Inventory of 190 Acres adjacent to Fort Tuthill  with the conditions that the development of the site follow the consultant recommendations regarding avoidance and mitigation. 
Recommend approval of the Cultural Resource Inventory (Site Survey)/Letter Report for all identified historic resources (no archeological resources were identified) with the conditions:
  1. Identified stone piers/fence remains and impacted rail alignment are to be avoided.
  2. If not avoided additional archival research is to be conducted along with appropriate mitigation that can include but not limited to interpretive signage/installation(s)
  3. Include these conditions as a policy in the specific plan for the site.

Add additional requirements for further investigation and or mitigation
  Mark Reavis, Heritage Preservation Officer, gave a brief introduction to the Cultural Resource Study for the new Northern Arizona Health project.

David Hart and Dr. Chris Papalas, consultants with EnviroSystems, gave a power point presentation, covering the findings of the Cultural Resource Inventory of 190 Acres. The study included 4 isolated occurrences and two sites that might be locally significant. The two sites included a portion of Central AZ Railway system and portions of historic masonry fence that would have connected to Fort Tuthill Military Grounds.

Emily Dale: Asked whether the NAH has an idea where the buildings are going to be located and whether any more concentrated surveys will be conducted further in the process.

David Hart: Responded that the current survey was a 100 percent survey using the standard 20 meter transects. Not aware of specific building plans.

Sara Dechter: Gave an overview and update on the development of the project.
  • It will require a specific plan, amendment, and rezoning
  • Staff has asked for building footprints as part of rezoning case
  • If any of the footprints were on the resources we could bring it back to the commission
David Hayward: From site concept plans, the railway alignment and fence are not likely to be affected.

Sara Dechter: One of conditions in the agenda for the meeting is to include the conditions in the specific plan for the site, which will be adopted by ordinance.

David Hayward: Stated that he would be fine with Sara and Mark reviewing materials going forward and making recommendations instead of coming back to the commission.

Jill Hough: Stated that she is fine with staff making determinations going forward.

Emily Dale: Stated that she is fine staff making determinations going forward as long as it’s in the scope of what the commission had determined acceptable.

Jill Hough: Commented that she would like to see the stone piers preserved.

Emily Dale: Asked if the consultants know whether the fence extends further south.

David Hart: Responded that it was originally longer but drops off at road junction.

Jill Hough: Stated that the Tuthill Military Museum might have plans that include the original alignment of the fence row.

David Hart: That would certainly be a part of more in-depth review if it were necessary.
  Moved by David Hayward, seconded by Jill Hough to approve the Cultural Resource Inventory (Site Survey)/Letter Report for all identified historic resources (no archeological resources were identified) with the conditions: 
  1. Identified stone piers/fence remains and impacted rail alignment are to be avoided.
  2. If not avoided additional archival research is to be conducted along with appropriate mitigation that can include but not limited to interpretive signage/installation(s)
  3. Include these conditions as a policy in the specific plan for the site.
  Vote: 4 - 0
A. Phoenix's Historic Preservation Code, presented by Michelle Dodds, Historic Preservation Officer City of Phoenix, AZ
Look for insights about how the Flagstaff Cultural Resources section of the Zoning Code could be improved.
  Sara Dechter: Introduced Michelle Dodds, Historic Preservation Officer for the City of Phoenix, and the goal of reviewing Phoenix’s program for insights into potential changes to the city of Flagstaff Heritage Preservation Program.

Michelle Dodds: Gave a detailed presentation on the City of Phoenix’s Historic Preservation Code and Program.

Jill Hough: Stated that she would like to see Flagstaff implement stays of demolition. Asked what the status of neighborhood surveys is.

Michelle Dodds: Answered that  – Sometimes we can’t make neighborhood determinations because there is no context. The city has hired a consultant to review multi-family in the city and develop a context for them. There are currently over 50 surveys completed, but it is also an overwhelming task to have a full inventory in a city of this size.

Mark Reavis: Asked whether the design review guidelines are the same for all overlays.

Michelle Dodds: Responded that the city has only one set that applies citywide.

David Hayward: Asked whether there are any examples of properties where the historic preservation code has worked really well and prevented demolition – specifically, any that wouldn’t have been able to achieve without the rules in place.

Michelle Dodds: Responded that the design review process is tough to explain to property owners. When working with homeowners they sometimes need to explain the value of preservation. The program has been successful.

David Hayward: Asked about the impact of the 1-year stay on demolitions.

Michelle Dodds: Responded that they do try and save all contributing properties. For those that they deny, some don’t refile while others file for an economic hardship. Many properties have been saved through this process.

David Hayward: Asked whether Michelle ever wishes the demolition stays were longer.

Michelle Dodds: Stated that the one-year stay has been successful, and that although more time sounds better, we can’t hold people up forever – it is time and staff intensive.

Jill Hough: Asked Mark Reavis and Sara Dechter whether the city could follow something as significant as the Phoenix code.

Mark Reavis:  Responded that we should keep learning from other offices and that we can leverage that learning to find ways to strengthen the city of Flagstaff code.

Sara Dechter: Responded that we lack two things in our code that we could potentially change:
  • Outside of overlays we do not have the ability to notice demolition requests.
  • No ability to push property into a certificate of economic hardship type process and stay the demolition.
  • Instead, we have the letter reporting process that includes phase 1s, 2s and 3s
Cautioned that once we open up the possibility of code changes, the commission could end up with many suggestions they might not like.

Michelle Dodds: Agreed with Sara’s comments.

Dan Symer: Discussed the current City of Flagstaff code and the potential to make the process for establishing historic overlays simpler.

Michelle Dodds: Stated that the City of Tempe, City of Tucson, and City of Chandler might be good resources for the city as well.
  No reports were discussed.
1. Hufford & Horstman lawyer sign
Permit Number(s):  CC-21-01280
Address: 125 E Elm 
Type of Approval:  Sign review - Certificate of No Effect
Approval Date:  6/4/2021
2. NFP sign face change
Permit Number(s):  PZ-21-00149
Address: 214 E Birch 
Type of Approval:  Signreview - Certificate of No Effect
Approval Date: 6/4/2021 
3. Atria Modern American resturant 
Permit Number(s):  CC-21-01294
Address: 103 N Leroux St 
Type of Approval:  Sign review - Certificate of No Effect
Approval Date:  6/7/2021
4. 423 W Cherry Ave Malpais Walls
Permit Number(s):  CC-21-01287
Address:  423 W Cherry Ave
Type of Approval:  Certificate of No Effect
Approval Date:  6/9/2021
1. Shamrock Food demolition & new building
Permit Number(s): PZ-20-0023-02
Address:   3615 E Industrial Dr
2. 318 W Phoenix house addition
Permit Number(s):  BP-21-01456
Address:  318 W Phoenix Ave
3. Miramonte @ Birch - re-review of CRS
Permit Number(s):  PZ-17-00175-05
Address: 304 E Birch Ave
4. Ghost Tree development
Permit Number(s):  PZ-21-00155-01
Address:  3201 S Clubhouse Cir
5. Timber Sky Community Center
Permit Number(s):  PZ-15-00115-18
6. Review - Dark Sky Brewing Expansion
Permit Number(s): PZ-21-00176 
Address:  103 W Birch
7. Ponderosa Parkway Development
Permit Number(s):  PZ-17-00227
Address:  1650 E Ponderosa Parkway 
8. 223 S Globe St Demo
Permit Number(s): BP-21-01458 
Address:  223 S Globe St
9. Puttex C-store conversion
Permit Number(s): PZ-20-00212-01 
Address:  3126 E Route 66
10. Forest Ave attached garage converted to ADU
Permit Number(s):  PZ-21-00168 
Address:  104 W Forest Ave
11. ADU garage conversion Beaver St
Permit Number(s):  PZ-21-00167
Address:  1413 N Beaver St
12. Trails End Construction Yard
Permit Number(s):  PZ-21-00169
Address:  4950 E Trails End Dr
13. 1070 N Country Club Drive thru development
Permit Number(s): PZ-2100047-01  
Address:  1070 & 1050 N Country Club Dr
14. 609 N Beaver
Permit Number(s):  PZ-17-00187-04
Address: 609 N Beaver St 
15. 325 W Oak Window Replacment
Permit Number(s): BP-21-01024  
Address: 325 W Oak Ave 
16. 119 S San Francisco St - Proposed Demolition PAM
Permit Number(s):  PZ-21-00152
Address: 119 S San Francisco St 
17. 713 W Grand Canyon Ave - deck and patio
Permit Number(s):  BP-21-01398
Address:  713 W Grand Canyon Ave
18. MMV McMillan Mesa Village housing development
Permit Number(s):  PZ-21-00154
Address:  1800 N Gemini Dr
19. Cidery - 101 S Milton
Permit Number(s):  PZ-21-00153 concept plan
Address:  101 S Milton RD
20. 606 N Beaver - Historic Facade Grant update
Address:  606 N Beaver St
Update: Grant project completion
21. 120 & 122 E Butler Ave Cottages

Address:  120-122 E Bulter Ave.
Addendum added to final report, fulfilling condition of approval.  
  • Upcoming Open Meeting Law refresher and e-session
  • Recruitment for Commission vacancies
  • Regional Plan Update
  Sara Dechter went over miscellaneous items.
  Meeting was adjourned by unanimous consent by Chairman Hayward at 5:45 p.m.


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