City Council Meeting - FINAL

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Meeting Date: 07/06/2021  
Co-Submitter: Rebecca Sayers From: Jon Wilson, Recreation Manager

Consideration and Adoption of Resolution No. 2021-36:  A resolution approving an Intergovernmental Agreement with Coconino County for and on behalf of Coconino County Juvenile Court Services Department, Coconino County Accommodation School District, and the City of Flagstaff for the relocation of the Juvenile Court Transition School to the Hal Jensen Recreation Center.
1) Read Resolution No. 2021-36 by title only
2) City Clerk reads Resolution No. 2021-36 by title only (if approved above)
3) Adopt Resolution No. 2021-36
Executive Summary:
Council approval of the Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) will support regional partnerships and programs that provide equitable and inclusive educational opportunities to the community. This agreement may be renewed for two (2) successive five (5) year terms.
Financial Impact:
There might be a slight increase in Utility costs such as water and electricity due to the school usage.
Policy Impact:
No policy impacts.
Connection to PBB Key Community Priorities/Objectives & Regional Plan:
Priority Based Budget Key Community Priorities and Objectives
Livable Community - Support regional partners which provide equitable & inclusive educational opportunities for Flagstaff residents of all ages.

Inclusive and Engaged Community - Advance social equity & social justice in Flagstaff by supporting social services.

Regional Plan
Recreation Goals and Policies: Policy Rec. 1.2 Promote public and private partnerships to offer parks, recreation, facilities and resources.
Has There Been Previous Council Decision on This:
No, there has not been a previous Council discussion on this item. 
The Transition (or "T" ) school is a collaborative and specialized program through Coconino County Juvenile Court and Ponderosa High School. The priority is to enroll youth who may currently or have been involved with the juvenile court system. Often these youths are in a state of transition. They enter the school system at non-traditional times, such as when they exit a treatment center, leave detention, are placed in foster care, return home, or are placed at a youth shelter. Students who have been expelled, suspended, or are not welcomed at their home schools are also candidates for enrollment.

In a mainstream setting, these youths would be required to attend school but would have no opportunity to earn credit, leaving them less than motivated. Transition School offers a small class size with individual support and stand-alone lessons. Students can enter at any time during the school year and earn credit towards graduation requirements.

The Transition School was previously housed at the Juvenile Detention Center building, however, due to overcrowding and other needs, the school was relocated to Ponderosa High School. This past year Ponderosa High was able to accommodate the Transition school because they had limited students on-site due to the pandemic. The specialized nature of the Transition school, requires more of a "one-room schoolhouse" concept and needs a location that is more conducive to this. Hal Jensen Recreation Center lends a variety of options beyond the classroom space. The Center instills not only community but also a healthy lifestyle.
Community Benefits and Considerations:
The Transition School hours will be during times when the Hal Jensen Recreation Center is typically not open. This will allow the Transition school to not only use the upstairs room when it is not usually being used, but will also allow the students to use the gym and computer rooms for other activities. This will also introduce the students to the Center and its many afterschool programs and services, as well as other City of Flagstaff programs, parks, and open spaces.
Res. 2021-36
Transition School Presentation


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