City Council Meeting - FINAL

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Meeting Date: 07/06/2021  
Co-Submitter: Stacey Brechler-Knaggs From: Katie Brandis, Dispatch Supervisor

Consideration and Approval of Grant Agreement: Arizona 911 Grant Agreement between Arizona Department of Administration and the City of Flagstaff acting as System Administrator for Coconino County. 
Approve the acceptance of the grant from the Arizona Department of Administration Office in the amount of $533,943 for the 911 budget for Coconino County FY2021-2022. 
Executive Summary:
Flagstaff Police Department acting as the 911 System Administrator for the Coconino County Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) was awarded $533,943.00 in grant funds from the Arizona Department of Administration Office. This grant funds all operational costs of the 911 telephone systems for the PSAPs in Coconino County which includes: Flagstaff Police Department, Williams Police Department, Page Police Department, Grand Canyon National Park Service, and Glen Canyon National Park Service. 
Financial Impact:
This grant is budgeted in the police department budget.
Policy Impact:
Connection to PBB Key Community Priorities/Objectives & Regional Plan:
Priority Based Budget Key Community Priorities and Objectives

Regional Plan
Effective Governance - Regional Plan (2030) - Planning, Public Safety, Goal PF.3 Provide high-quality emergency response and public safety services. 
Has There Been Previous Council Decision on This:
Yes. The Council approved the FY2020 and FY2021 911 budget grants. 
Options and Alternatives:
Approve the acceptance of the grant or decline the acceptance of the grant. 
Flagstaff Police Department has been designated the System Administrator for Coconino County by the State 911 Office. The System Administrator is responsible for submitting 911 operating bills to the State 911 Office, and submitting call statistics and required reports for all the PSAPs in their county. Historically the 911 telephone bills would be mailed to the Flagstaff Police Department. The 911 Coordinator would make sure the charges on the bill were correct and send the bill and an authorization letter to the State 911 Office. In turn, they would pay the bills with the money collected through the Emergency Telecommunication Service Revolving Fund. In 2018, the Arizona 911 Office was moved under the direction of the Arizona Department of Administration. With this change, the Arizona Department of Administration Grants and Federal Resources Office created a grant program for the yearly 911 budget. System Administrators have to apply yearly for the funds to pay the 911 system bills. This allows the PSAPs to be responsible for their bills and to be reimbursed through the grant award by the State. The process makes sure funds are distributed fairly across the state. 
Key Considerations:
911 is known nationwide as the telephone number to call when a person needs emergency assistance. PSAPs field emergency telephone calls for all of Coconino County. Flagstaff Police Department was designated by the State 911 Office to be the System Administrator for the PSAPs within Coconino County. 911 systems in Arizona are funded from a tax on cell phones called the Emergency Telecommunication Service Revolving Fund. 
Expanded Financial Considerations:
Having a 911 system allows citizens to dial three numbers to have access to emergency services instead of having to dial seven digits and go through an automated telephone system. This allows faster responses to emergencies for everyone. Payment of 911 services by the State 911 Office through tax allows the PSAPs in Coconino County to provide consistent emergency response. 
Community Benefits and Considerations:
To work directly with the public to ensure that Coconino County PSAPs have correct address information and provide quality customer service in emergency and non-emergency situations. 
Community Involvement:
If approved the grant would allow for the acceptance of $533,943.00 in State funds that will provide consistent access to the 911 emergency telephone system. 
FY2022 911 Grant Agreement


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