TUESDAY, JUNE 22, 2021
12:00 PM


1. Call to Order
  Chair Martinez called the meeting to order at 12:00 p.m. 
2. Roll Call

James Martinez, Chair
Monica Attridge
Alexander Davenport
Russell Randall, Vice Chair
James Hasapis
Sakenya McDonald

3. Public Participation

The Commission cannot act upon items presented during the Public Participation portion of the Agenda. Individual Commission members may ask questions of the public but are prohibited by the Open Meeting Law from discussion or considering the item among themselves until the item is officially placed on the Agenda. Each public comment or presentation will be limited to five (5) minutes.
4. Information Items To/From Inclusion and Adaptive Living Commission Members
  Representative Attridge, stated, Hosni will have their 50-year celebration august 27th from 5-7pm open to the public information is posted on their Facebook page and a link will be on the website.

Alan Keay stated, to update the request from commissioner Randall, he would like the commission to have HR give update on hiring practices for the disabled I will be giving the presentation on that in august.  It will be an agenda item for next month. He also wanted to hear from the flagstaff police department on how they handle members of the community with mental health issues, this will also be an agenda item for august. 
5. Staff Participation
A. Alan Keay, Staff Liaison. Update on Vice Chair Russell Randall request on the following items:
1) The Commission would like the City's HR dept to clarify (for the Commission) on how it ensures that accessibility to the hiring process is provided for those who are differently abled and that individuals who are differently abled are properly represented on City staff.
2) The Commission would like FPD to clarify (for the Commission) how it ensures that as the FPD interacts with members of the community it ensures that the mental health needs of community members are recognized and safely addressed.

B. Astella Hollander, NAIPTA
NAIPTA Representative Astella Hollander gave an update on the pilot program, Mobility on Demand. She stated that NAIPTA will be testing micro transit which doesn’t have a fix route, but will be flexible and in real time for pickups, utilizing emerging technology, using paratransit vehicles opened to the general public. Almost turning the paratransit vehicles into Ubers. We will be getting a transportation analyst onboard to go over the proposed area for the service. The Huntington area is one of the areas, someone can get picked up at the Walmart and then dropped off at a shelter. We are hoping to implement this in August. We are putting together flyers to be distributed. You can sign up for the service using a smart phone, there will be a phone number to call for dispatch and a website. Anyone can use the service. Mountain line received grant funding to review website and make sure it is accessible to everyone. More news to come on this.
A. Consideration of Approval of Minutes from May 25, 2021 Meeting
  Small change in Astella Hollanders name.  Astella instead of Stella. 
Approved or amend minutes 
7. Date of Next Meeting - Tuesday 07/27/2021
  Chair Martinez will be on vacation, asked if could move the meeting the Tuesday before. Commissioner Randall stated, he will not be here the Tuesday before, and Sakenya McDonald would also be away at a conference on that Tuesday July 20th.  Alan Keay stated he would look at the calendar and get back to chair Martinez with an update.
A. Ramone DC Alatorre, Climate and Energy Coordinator, City of Flagstaff Sustainability Program. Presentation on Carbon Neutrality Plan
  Climate engagement Coordinator, Flagstaff carbon neutrality plan was adopted by city council last Tuesday June 15th, 2021.  Carbon Neutrality- background
November 2018 adoption of flagstaff’s first climate action and adaptation plan. January 2020 hundreds of well-organized community members. Climate change in flagstaff will happen by 2050 the average temperatures will become hotter, less snowpack increased wildfires. Measured via Power buildings, transportation, emissions, and consumption and landfills. Review: Reducing community emissions, balancing the remaining emissions, to achieve neutrality or zero net impact.
CNP- framework for action.
A living document, that will continuously evolve and change. This require bold actions and big shifts to transform our systems. It also requires aligning city-wide decisions, informed community people. There are 3 big goals for this plan; Mitigation, Adaptation-and response to change. Migration achieve carbon neutrality by 2030, Adaptation getting the community ready and involved. And finally, equity- address climate change in a manner that prioritizes those most impacted and ensures the costs and benefits are equity distributed. This is achievable through strengthens in our neighbors, equitable systems, community resilience’s, decrease dependencies on car. In addition, we will design policies and programs that serve disadvantage communities first. We want to incorporate cleaning our energy sources-making electric mobility- electric the city buses, and then electric devices, for bikes and hoover boards. We also want to support companies that support devices to help get around town. In addition to increasing, solar energy on new buildings, and existing, buildings and homes, and city owned buildings. Another goal is to undertake fuel switching training and education and CDR Carbon Dioxide Removal - commitment to pulling out gas emissions.

Next steps, working on funding, implementations first steps, investment strategy, major amendment to the regional plan, council update and schedule, growing confidence in climate action etc. Going back to council every 3 to 4 months, and outreach to area business and developing an advisory committee for youth and adults. Working on delivery the news about the project in a variety of ways digitally to reach the community.

Chair Martinez: asked what the timeline is for the advisory committee, Jillian Goulet did not have the answer but will look into and get back with Chair Martinez. Vice Chair Russell thanked Jillian for her leadership on this.
A. Kate Morley General Manager Mountain Line. Update on Downtown Connection Center Project.
  Kate Morley General Manager for Mountain line update on downtown connection center: update on acknowledge challenges with the site, update on progress of the site, and to get feedback for commission on ADA issues. Working on including Amtrak but we also have some ADA issues there. There is access for foot traffic, and parking areas that we are proposing ADA spaces to have convenient access to the building and keep existing parking on beaver street. The bus plaza has stairs, and this site is in the flood plain, until there is a change it will take about a decade but we have to build flood standards which would be 3 to 6 feet above grade which would create ADA challenges. There is a proposed ramp to access the building that includes access to restroom etc. on the first floor on the building. 2nd floor would be mountain line offices, we would have building elevation with ramps and ADA compliance with the lobby be adjacent to the ramp entrance. These are just the beginning concepts and drafts. Two concepts have been drawn up for the civic center, having a festival plaza, with lawns, and foot traffic with a trail by the food trucks. 2nd concept with hard seat areas, and lawns, but we have to do storm water run off in some of that area.
Vice chair Randall stated can you go back to the elevation of the building. Kate explained how the ADA ramps would be built for accessibility. Vicechair Randall, said inclusivity needs to be included, so the ramp needs to be close to the entrance of the building were people with mobility can access it just like the general public.
B. Martin Ince, Mobility Project Manager. Update regarding grant application for improvement to Buffalo Park
  Working closely with city’s parks department Amy Hagin, here crew is going to do a lot of the work, retained an archeologist, revised budget to separate cost of materials to the cost of labor. Match within kind labor. Site visit from representative from state park. Application has been downloaded and is being worked on. When it is completed will reach out for support for the application. July is still the submittal date for the application.
C. Jeremy DeGeyter Project Manager for Capitol Improvements City of Flagstaff. Update on Design Concept 2 regarding Library Accessibility (Ramp)
  Update on design concepts 1 and 2 regarding library accessibility ramp, from Jeremy DeGeyter. Via email
Submitted for concept review through the city’s ID (inter-Departmental Staff plan review process.
This process reviews our plans for compliance with our Zoning Codes, Engineering Standards, etc.
We are currently working through some minor revisions to gain our Concept Plan approval. These revisions do not impact the pathway or plaza layout.
Once approved, we will begin work on construction documents and continue moving this project towards completion.
  HR process for hiring disabled, and the police departments process for handling mental awareness
  Chair Martinez adjourned the meeting at 12:56pm June 22, 2021


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