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June 16, 2021
             4:00 P.M.

The meetings recording are available on the city's website
1. Call to Order
  Chairman Hayward called the meeting to order at 4:06 p.m.
2. Roll Call
3. Public Comment

At this time, any member of the public may address the Commission on any subject within their jurisdiction that is not scheduled before the Commission on that day. Due to Open Meeting Laws, the Commission cannot discuss or act on items presented during this portion of the agenda. To address the Commission on an item that is on the agenda, please wait for the Chair to call for Public Comment at the time the item is heard.
  No public comment
  Moved by Emily Dale, seconded by Caitlin Kelly to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of the Heritage Preservation Commission held on April 21, 2021.
  Vote: 4 - 0
A. 120 cottages & 122 home - E Butler Cultural Resource Studies
Application: PZ-21-00142
Address:  120 E Butler (cottages 1-8) and 122 E Butler
Assessor's Parcel Number:  103-13-011A & 103-13-012A
Property Owner: 122 E Butler LLC

Approve the Phase 2 Cultural Resource Study.
Accept the Phase 2 Cultural Resource Study as full documentation and recordation of the property. Note that the property owner has offered the cottages at no charge to be moved as well as a proposal to transfer home and 1 cottage in a land trade. 
Alternative #1: Approve with conditions to request additional information and or recordation
  Jack Treichler, Consultant, presented cultural resource study for the properties at 120 and 122 E Butler Ave.

Jill Hough: responded to presentation with prepared statement that included:
  • Arizona Historical Society has acquired significant artifacts from the Vasquez family that were found in the properties in question.
  • Provided further information about the Vasquez family and businesses they were a part of.
  • Property is representative of the unique character of the southside community where properties are not frozen in time during the period of significance.
  • Expressed concerns about diminishing number of properties associated with Flagstaff’s Hispanic community due to the City’s narrow definition of significance.
  • Properties like this convey the story of the people that built them and believes this property is worthy of preservation.
  • Relayed correspondence from Miss Vasquez-Powell
Emily Dale: Asked clarifying question about what was being proposed for this property.

Jack Treichler: Confirmed that the owner is proposing to redevelop the land into one or more new structures.

Jack Treichler: Responded to Jill Hough prepared comments and stated that an attempt was made to contact Mary Vasquez and others familiar with property history but failed to get responses.

Emily Dale: Expressed concern over the domino effect related to findings of diminished setting that justifies further diminishing property - especially in the southside.

David Hayward: To Jill – do you think the resource study should be approved as is?

Jill Hough: Expressed further concerns about the significance of the family not playing a large enough roll in findings of significance and would like to see more preservation of the architecture related to these families.

David Hayward: To Jack – did you include an assessment of the significance of the occupants of the property.

Jack Treichler: Responded that they believe they did.

Josh: Focused on City of Flagstaff Criteria B and C and discussed difficulty analyzing underserved communities because there is not as much information available publicly.

Jill Hough: Offered to be a point connection for Jack and Josh to connect with people associated with the history of the property in question.

David Hayward: Encouraged the connection to people associated with the property through Jill Hough.

David Hayward: Moved the discussion to the potential for a land swap.

Mark Reavis: Discussed the potential to do a land swap with some of the buildings in question in order to preserve them.

David Hayward: Asked Mark how to go about making an official recommendation to the council to pursue a land swap option.

Mark Reavis: Recommended taking minutes and prepared letter to the City Council.
  Moved by David Hayward, seconded by Jill Hough Approve the cultural resource study for the properties at 120 and 122 E Butler Ave with the condition that an addendum is added including whatever oral history the consultants are able to obtain through coordination with the Historical Society.
  Vote: 4 - 0
  Moved by David Hayward, seconded by Jill Hough Commission shall request council investigate the opportunity for a land swap with applicant that could result in the retention pf the Vasquez house and that the commission authorizes the chair to sign a letter prepared by staff to the same, including the cottage to the north of the Vasquez residence.
  Vote: 4 - 0
A. Window Replacement HPO Review (Exceptions for Residential Window Replacement)
Concur with the submitted procedures for residential window replacement reviews.
  Mark Reavis HPO discussed process for HPO window replacement review
  Moved by Emily Dale, seconded by Caitlin Kelly To approve the submitted procedures for residential window replacement reviews.
  Vote: 4 - 0
B. Southside National Register Historic District Inventory Update
Discussion only
  Mark Reavis HPO provided update regarding the Southside National Register historic district overlay.
C. Future Heritage Commission Meeting Locations and Technology
The Chair should lead a discussion on the potential ways that the Commission may return to in-person or hybrid meetings in the next phases of the City reopening.Identify questions for staff and describe any preferences.
  David Hayward led a discussion on potentially returning to in-person HPC meetings.

Impromptu survey with present commissioners on whether or not they would feel comfortable participating in in-person meetings.
David Hayward: Yes
Jill Hough: Yes
Emily Dale: Yes
Caitlin Kelly: Would prefer to remain virtual but is comfortable with in-person if others prefer that.

David Hayward will extend the question to commissioners that are not present.
  Mark Reavis HPO noted to the commission with a short comment the following

Approvals: #4,12,23 * notes call out by HPO
Consultations: #2,6,9,12,15,17 * notes call out by HPO
Jill Hough noted #13 the Hicks Lodging House as an import historic site and wanted to know more about the impacts of a propose building to the west, an existing cottage and potential archeological resources at the vacant adjacent site.
Heritage Commission had no further questions of the HPO
1. Flagtown Lofts Sign
Permit Number(s):  CC-21-00474
Address: 200 S San Francisco  
Type of Review: Central Sign District Sign Design Review 
Date: Approved with conditions 5/19/2021
2. Josephine's Modern Bistro - Patio Additions @ South Facade
Permit Number(s):  PZ-21-00115, PZ-21-00077, BP-21-00237
Address:  503 N Humphreys
Type of Approval:  Review for North End Historic District Comparability
Approval Date:  4/27/2021
3. 116 N Park St - small back deck & stairs
Permit Number(s): PZ-21-00052, BP-21-00261
Address: 116 N Park St 
Type of Approval:  Townsite Design Review - Certificate of No Effect approved by HPO
Approval Date:  4/19/2021
4. *Whispering Winds Sign Rehabilitation
Permit Number(s):  CC-21-00618 and PZ-20-00141
Address:  922 E Route 66
Type of Approval:  Sign Permit Review
Approval Date:  4/19/2021
5. Dortha Ave Demolition
Permit Number(s): BP-21-00870  
Address: 2405 E Dortha Ave 
Type of Approval:  demolition
Not applicable for review
6. Timber Sky final block plat
Permit Number(s):  PZ-15-00115-17
Address:  3425 W Route 66
Type of Approval:  Plat review
Approval Date: 4/19/2021 
7. Bates Home Demolition - clearing for new home
Permit Number(s):  BP-21-00568
Address:  1514 Sunset  
8. Austin Window Replacement
Permit Number(s):  BP-21-00906
Address:  2619 E Elder Dr
Type of Approval:  Window Review - Post WWII exemption
Date:  5/3/2021
9. Matje Window Replacement
Permit Number(s):  BP-21-00908
Address:  1624 N San Francisco
Type of Approval:  Window Replacement review
Approval Date: 5/3/2021 
10. Pearce Fence Replacemnt - Townsite
Permit Number(s):  CC-21-00985
Address:  724 W Aspen
Type of Approval:  Townsite design review - Certificate of No Effect by HPO
Approval Date:  5/10/2021
11. La Vetta Restaurant - interior remodel
Permit Number(s): BP-20-02833 
Address:  103 N Leroux
Type of Approval: Downtown Overlay Review - Certificate of No Effect  
Approval Date:  5/5/2021
12. *709 W Birch ADU Garage Conversion
Permit Number(s):  PZ-21-00128
Address:  709 W Birch Ave
Type of Approval: Townsite Design Review - Certificate of No Effect/ approve with conditions 
Approval Date:  5/13/2021
13. Museum of Northern Arizona - Anthropology Building Roof
Permit Number(s):  BP-20-00691
Address:  3100 N Fort Valley Rd.
Type of Approval:  Landmark Overlay - interior roof framing reinforcing
Approval Date:  5/17/2021
14. United Methodist Trinity Heights Church - window replacement
Permit Number(s):  BP-21-00984
Address:  3600 N Fourth St
Type of Approval: Compatibility review - approved
Approval Date:  5/17/2021
15. Canyon Del Rio Housing Development
Permit Number(s):  PZ-19-00099-04
Address:  2080 E Del Rae Dr
Type of Approval: Final Plat
Approval Date:  5/17/2021
16. Aspen Deli - wall sign, Downtown Overlay
Permit Number(s): PZ-21-00145 & CC-21-01089
Address:  20 N Beaver
Type of Approval:  Downtown Overlay Design Review
Dates:  5/27/2021
17. 309 W Pine St Window Replacement
Permit Number(s):  BP-21-01215
Address: 309 W Pine St 
Type of Approval:  Review of Window Replacement
Approval Date: 5/27/2021  
18. O'Connor Single Family Residence
Permit Number(s):  PZ-21-00140
Address:  7960 Picture Canyon Trl
Type of Approval:  Substantive - Approved with Conditions
Approval Date:  5/27/2021
19. ADOT Milton Road - pavement & Curb
Permit Number(s): NHPP-A89-B(224)T  
Address:  Milton Rd
Type of Review:  Section 106 Consultation
Date:  5/27/2021
20. Brix Restaurant
Permit Number(s):  PZ-21-00112
Address:  413 N San Francisco
Consultation:  Availability of facade grant and HP Fed Tax
21. 608 W Aspen Duplex porch
Permit Number(s):  BP-21-01062
Address:  608 W Aspen
Type of Approval:  Certificate of No Effect
Approval Date:  6/2/2021
22. La Cuidad de Mexico Grocery - interior rehab - Liminal Community Arts & Cafe
Permit Number(s):  PZ-21-00105-01
Address:  217 S San Francisco
Type of Approval:  Review of proposed work - approved with conditions
Approval Date:  5/17/2021
23. *Downtown Connection Center - Mountain Line
Permit Number(s):  PZ-21-00094-01
Address:  216 W Phoenix Ave
Type of Approval:  Substantive review of site plan - Approved with conditions
Approval Date:  5/17/2021
1. ARC Flag Rehabilitation Facility
Permit Number(s): PZ-20-00164-02 
Address:  700 N Highway 89
Type of Review:  Substantive concept plat
Approval Date:  4/19/2021
2. *Newman Center, Catholic Church - Demolition CRS review
Permit Number(s):  PZ-19-00207-01
Address:  520 W Riordan Rd.
Type of Review:  Phase 1 CRS document preparation
3. McNabb Fine Jewelry Sign
Permit Number(s):  CC-21-00734
Address:  17 N Leroux St Suite 101
Type of Approval:  Design review for Downtown Overlay & Central Sign
Approval Date:  4/19/2021
4. Josephine's Modern American Bistro
Permit Number(s):  PZ-21-00115
Address: 503 N Humphreys 
Type of Approval:  HPO Heritage Review for South Porch Addition
Approval Date:  4/19/2021
5. 1613 N Sunset
Permit Number(s):  BP-21-00724
Address:  1613 N Sunset
Type of Review: Window Replacement - home 50+  
6. *FSL Senior Housing Project/David Babbitt House compliance
Permit Number(s):  PZ-19-000-04
Address: 320 N Humphreys 
Type of Approval:  Completeness review
7. Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel - former Convent

Address:  224 S Kendrick St
Type of Review:  Contacted management regarding HPC compliance requirements for convent to have an approved rehabilitation plan by October 2023.
8. Lofts on Continental housing
Permit Number(s):  PZ-21-00095
Address:  5531 E Cortland Blvd
Type of Approval:  Heritage compliance for Cultural resources
9. *OHSO Brewery - Concept Plan Review
Permit Number(s):  PZ-21-00037-01
Address:  111 N Leroux St.
Type of Approval:  Concept Plan review
10. Fimbrez housing development -SFR lots
Permit Number(s): PZ-20-00216-01 
Address:  1300 W Lower Coconino Ave
Review: Cultural Resources Study 
11. New, Nothern Arizona Healthcare Hospital Campus
Permit Number(s):  PZ-21-00126-01&02
Address: Beulah Blvd 
Type of Approval: Phase I Cultural Resource Study
12. *302 W Oak Mortuary - partial demolition
Permit Number(s):  BP-21-00965 (demolition hold)
Address:  302 W Oak
Type of Approval:  Demolition Permit Review 
13. Hicks Lodging House - new adjacent building on site
Permit Number(s):  NA
Address:  7 W Phoenix
Type of Approval:  Pre-application meeting
14.  Carbon Neutrality Major Plan Amendment 
Permit Number(s):  PZ-21-00124
Address:  City Hall
Type of Approval:  Major Plan Amendment
15. *Hotel Monte Vista Phase III
Permit Number(s):  PZ-19-00139-02
Address:  100 N San Francisco
Type of Approval:  Review of Site Plan Phase-3
16. Estates on Pine Canyon
Permit Number(s):  PZ-19-0099-44
Address:  2080 E Del Rae Dr.
Type of Approval:  Completeness Review
17. *FSL Senior Housing - Babbitt Salvage
Permit Number(s):  PZ-19-00031-04
Address: 320 N Humphreys St 
Review: Related to required mitigation compliance, substantive site plan
18. Homewood Suites Motel
Permit Number(s): PZ-21-00139 
Address:  1400 W Route 66
Type of Review:  IDS review
  No miscellaneous items were shared or discussed.
  Meeting was adjourned by unanimous consent by Chairman Hayward at 5:23 p.m.


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