MAY 17, 2023
             4:00 P.M.

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Call to Order
Chair Dale called the meeting to order at 4:00PM.
2. Roll Call
SHELLI DEA, Vice-Chair
Alycia Hayes read the Land Acknowledgement.
4. Public Comment
No public comment
Approve the minutes of the April 19, 2023 Heritage Preservation Commission Meeting.
  Moved by Duffie Westheimer, seconded by Bernadette Burcham  to approve the minutes of the April 19 Heritage Preservation Commission Meeting.
  Vote: 6 - 0
A. Headline Studio Grant adjustment request
Address:  113 E Aspen Ave
Assessor's Parcel Number:  101-21-017
Property Owner:  Sandra Tann
Applicant:  Tesano Contracting
City Staff:  Mark Reavis

The contractor representing the property owner is requesting the grant be increased to $10,000 to cover half of the $22,330.28 in work completed because it was all additional costs due to the Certificate of Appropriateness compliance as was the original intent of the grant.
Approve $9,100 in additional funding to the grant for window and door replacements at 113 E Aspen Ave.

If the Commission does not support the full grant amount of $10,000 then the HPO requests that the grant amount be adjusted to correct the HPO’s oversight with a matching grant payment of $4,008, noting a previous payment of $900.
Certificate of Appropriateness was approved on December 15, 2021.
The original grant application was approved on March 16, 2022.
$900 grant payment was mad in November 2022.

Mark Reavis: Gave some background about the project and explained that there was an error on his part regarding the total amount that the Heritage Preservation Commission approved and that the total amount should have been the full available grant amount of $10,000. 

Emily Dale: Asked whether providing the additional funds would impact the amount of money that the commission had to provide grants this year. 

Mark Reavis: Responded, no.  

Duffie Westheimer: Offered her thanks to the applicant and owner for their patience and for embracing restoration of the building.  

  Moved by Shelli Dea, seconded by Bernadette Burcham To approve $9,100 in additional funding to the grant for window and door replacements at 113 E Aspen Ave.
  Vote: 6 - 0
B. 318 N Mogollon ADU
Address:  318 N Mogollon 
Assessor's Parcel Number:  100-07-010
Property Owner:  Kevin & Rhonda Lowney
Applicant:  Updesign studio, Anne Mead Architect
City Staff:  MR HPO

Approve a Certificate of Appropriateness for the construction of a new Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) with attached 1-car garage placed subservient to the existing home. The application and submitted documentation call out the demolition of the shared garage.
Approve a Certificate of Appropriateness for the retention of the primary existing and the construction of a compatible Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) with the demolition of a shared garage at a property located at 318 N Mogollon Street. 
The Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) for “Certificate of Appropriateness may:
(1) Approve per the staff recommended motion – or –
(2) The Commission could request modifications to the proposal and include them as conditions of approval – or –
(3) Continue the HPC review to a date certain and ask the applicant to come back with a modified proposal that meets those conditions – or -
(4) Deny Certificate of Appropriateness and require Certificate of Economic Hardship or submittal of an alternative design that meets all Townsite Overlay Requirements.

There was no previous Historic Preservation Commission decision except for the demolition of the shared garage a 314 S Mogollon.

Mark Reavis: Introduced the project and applicant. 

Erin O’Loughlin: Provided an overview of the ADU project and design of the building. 

Duffie Westheimer: Asked the applicant for the height of the existing house and the new ADU. 

Mark Reavis: Stated he thought that the height of the ADU is a foot lower than the existing home. 

Erin O’Loughlin: Clarified that the ADU is proposed to be 15 ft 7 in height. 

Duffie Westheimer: Asked if the yard is 1000 sq ft 

Mark Reavis: Answered, yes – it is more than 1000 sq ft. 

Duffie Westheimer: Asked what the square footage of the ADU is. 

Erin O’Loughlin: Stated that it is 790 sq ft. 

Duffie Westheimer: Stated that the square footage is large for the neighborhood. 

Emily Dale: Asked to see the site plan and clarified access to the ADU from the alley. 

Duffie Westheimer: Asked for clarification on whether the new garage would be accessible from both the driveway and alley or just the alley. 

Erin O’Loughlin: Clarified that the ADU garage will be accessed from the alley. 

  Moved by Bernadette Burcham, seconded by Abbey Buckham to approve a Certificate of Appropriateness for the retention of the primary existing and the construction of a compatible Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) with the demolition of a shared garage at a property located at 318 N Mogollon Street.
  Vote: 6 - 0
C. Approved HPC Facade Grants - extension request
Extend Grants for:
* Riordan Manson Masonry Restoration - 4/20/2022 approval
* 66 Trade Pawn - 118 W Route 66 - 4/20/22 approval
* Mark Smith - 309 S Verdi - 8/17/2022 approval
  Sara Dechter: Explained that the commission's grant guidelines allow them to offer extensions to projects that received grants and did not complete the work within the initial time frame.
  Moved by Abbey Buckham, seconded by Alycia Hayes to extend the grants for
Riordan Manson Masonry Restoration
66 Trade Pawn - 118 W Route 66
Mark Smith - 309 S Verde
for an additional year.
  Vote: 6 - 0
A. Review of FY 2024 Updates Historic Signs and Facades Grant Guidelines and new HPC applications
Review and provide final comments on the grant guidelines and applications.  Staff will post them to the website by May 24th and send notices and a press release to announce the change.

Mark Reavis: Provided a brief overview of the proposed changes to the grant guidelines and application. 

Sara Dechter: Gave additional clarification about the commission’s role in updating the grant applications and guidelines.

Commission members discussed the proposed changes to the grant application and guidelines, noting the following edits.
- Make formatting consistent across documents (font, font size, spacing).
- Add additional language clarifying the purpose and intent of the grant.
- Heritage Preservation Officer contact information on all materials.
- Make the final forms fillable PDFs. 

B. Greater Observatory Mesa Trail Plan (GOMTP)
The Heritage Preservation Commission should review, discuss and provide comments to Open Spaces staff on the draft trails plan.
  Mark Reavis: Provided a brief introduction to the project.

Mark Loseth (Consultant on the project): Gave a presentation about the trail plan and asked for feedback from the commission. 

Mark Reavis: After the presentation, provided some additional context in terms of important heritage sites on the mesa.

Commission members discussed the project, noting some concerns that they would like the consultant and city Open Space staff to address.
Concerns noted by specific commission members:

Duffie Westheimer:
- The neighborhoods directly adjacent to the mesa - the most impacted - should be more directly engaged in the process.
- Social media is not an adequate primary outreach method as many residents do not use it.
- Concern about increased traffic with the location of the new proposed parking site.
- Does not seem like this project will actually support commuting via walking and biking.

Shelli Dea:
- Echoed Duffie's concerns, primarily that the neighborhoods adjacent to observatory mesa will be impacted negatively by traffic.
- Would like to see additional outreach to the adjacent neighborhoods.

Bernadette Burcham:
- Expressed concerns about the impact of the project on the adjacent neighborhoods.

Sara Dechter: Provided some additional context to the commission about why trail planning is important, noting issues that arise with unmanaged sites and trails.
C. Historic and Character Overlay Update
HPO will provide a short report regarding La Plaza Vieja and WC Riles potential overlay, noting attendance at neighborhood coalition meeting.
  Mark Reavis: Gave a brief update about the La Plaza Vieja and WC Riles overlay projects.
1. Route 66 Centennial- 2026 
Entire Corridor - Interest in preservation from new signage placed East to West noting interest from Starlite Lanes (65 aniversery this year), Museum Club, El Pueblo to Phoenix Ave Green Book accommodations to McAllister Ranch.  
  Mark Reavis: Reminded the commission that the Route 66 centennial is coming up in 2026 and that planning for it will start soon. Asked the commission to consider things that they would like to see/do as part of the centennial.

Emily Dale: Wondered whether the City of Flagstaff could team up with other cities in Northern Arizona.

Sara Dechter: Noted that the City's Economic Vitality department thinks that there may be some state funding for events.
- Appointment of new Commissioner on May 16th
-Chair Dale and Sara Dechter will be absent for June meeting
  Sara Dechter: Informed the commission that Amy Horn has been reappointed and will rejoin the commission in June.
Chair Dale adjourned the meeting at 6:19PM

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Dated this               day of                                       , 2023.

Sara Dechter, Comprehensive Planning Manager                                            


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