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Meeting Date: 05/16/2023  
From: Amy Hagin, Assistant Parks and Recreation Director

Consideration and Approval of Contract:  Approve a Cooperative Purchase Contract with General Acrylics, Inc., in the total amount of $920,642.42 to design and build eight pickleball courts and overlay existing tennis and basketball courts at Bushmaster Park.
  1. Consider and approve a Cooperative Purchase Contract with General Acrylics, Inc., in the total amount of $920,642.42 to design and build eight pickleball courts and overlay existing tennis and basketball courts at Bushmaster Park; and
  2. Authorize the City Manager to execute the necessary documents.
Executive Summary:
The PROSE Division was funded via the BBB-Recreation Fund in fiscal year 2022-2023 for sport courts beginning the journey to develop eight new pickleball courts to Bushmaster Park. The community park is the ideal location as the park has undeveloped acreage, two parking lots, two permanent restrooms, existing dual-striped pickleball courts and sport court lighting. The sport court expert, General Acrylics, Inc., who is an approved Mohave Cooperative vendor for both design and build (construction) of sport courts, and the Flagstaff Pickleball Association were immediately gathered to work with staff on the layout and specifics of the future courts. The design and build of this project includes eight pickleball courts at Bushmaster Park in the amount of ($499,941.51), with additional overlay on the two tennis ($202,207.58) and two basketball courts ($218,493.33) for an overall contract total of $920,642.42.
Financial Impact:
The funding for the pickleball courts and overlay/resurfacing is budgeted in FY2023 the BBB-Recreation Fund in account 055-11-158-3312-5-4433 with this design build Cooperative Purchase Contract.
Policy Impact:
Connection to PBB Priorities/Objectives, Carbon Neutrality Plan & Regional Plan:
Priority Based Budget Key Community Priorities and Objectives
Safe and Healthy Community:  Promote physical health through providing recreation opportunities, parks, open space and multiple transportation options

Livable Community:  Provide amenities and activities that support a healthy lifestyle

Carbon Neutrality Plan
IR-2:  Ensure equity, accessibility, and inclusion across all City of Flagstaff Parks and Recreation facilities, helping all members of the Flagstaff community to meet their health and wellness needs
Regional Plan
REC-1.4 Design new or updated public facilities to include parks, open space and/or recreational opportunities where feasible
Has There Been Previous Council Decision on This:
Options and Alternatives:
  1. Consider and approve a Cooperative Purchase Contract with General Acrylics, Inc. in the total amount of $920,642.42 to design and build eight pickleball courts and overlay on two existing tennis and basketball courts at Bushmaster Park; or
  2. Direct staff to conduct a formal procurement for the design and build services.
Over the past few years, PROSE has brought to the community permanent and multi-purposed (dual-striped) pickleball courts including at Bushmaster Park. The development of a funding source for additional permanent pickleball courts was approved in the budget process twelve months ago for the Division. Through BBB-Recreation funds for fiscal year 2022-2023, City staff and the Flagstaff Pickleball Association began the exploratory process for both location and feasibility given other amenities needed when developing sport courts (e.g., parking, access, lighting, restrooms). A portion of the park identity is inclusive of the results from the public engagement on Thorpe Park Annex, bringing to the forefront Bushmaster Park as the ideal location. The proposed additional eight courts would bring the total number of playable courts to sixteen at Bushmaster Park which can accommodate a greater number of players with existing parking lots and restrooms plus existing lighting. 
The proposed design and estimate includes best practices for new pickleball courts, including an accessible and open layout with minimal fencing to create an inviting space as well as LED lighting that meets dark skies compliance. In addition to the new eight-court construction is an overlay (six-inch post-tensioned concrete) on top of the existing dual-striped sport courts plus new coatings and striping delivering a much needed improvement and positive impact for the tennis and basketball community at Bushmaster Park. An alternate proposal in the amount of $147,790.66 has been provided for noise abatement of the new eight courts; however, the alternate design changes the layout of the courts to include higher fences which are less inviting and accessible, and is not within budget. Based on existing play onsite, staff does not recommend noise abatement walls to be fiscally responsible when coupled with a lack of complaints received regarding pickleball noise. Staff have received one complaint from someone wanting to play tennis and felt that they could not due to the pickleball play on the dual-striped courts; this was not a noise complaint. This project will alleviate the tension between the different sports by adding dedicated pickleball courts to the park where most pickleball play currently exists.  

General Acrylics, Inc. was identified as an expert pickleball court design and build contractor. Purchasing staff researched and found that General Acrylics, Inc. held a cooperative purchase contract through the Mohave Cooperative. Purchasing staff deemed that Mohave Cooperative was current and appropriate for the procurement and also reviewed and approved the Mohave Cooperative's procurement process. General Acrylics, Inc. was brought into the process early with both City staff and the Flagstaff Pickleball Association so that initial scoping of the project could commence.
Key Considerations:
The outcome for the community is larger than known with delivering pickleball courts and resurfacing aged assets. This project will not only provide a much needed new amenity, but will repair and update the dilapidated tennis and basketball courts. The location also takes into consideration existing amenities of parking supply and permanent restrooms, making it ideal for new courts.
Community Benefits and Considerations:
The health and wellness benefits to an active sport that is inclusive and accessible meet the vision and mission of the PROSE Division and is a key community priority for the City holistically.
Community Involvement:
A postcard mailer with QR code regarding the upcoming pickleball courts was sent to approximately 80-nearby residences to be informative regarding the future courts. Information can be found at Pickleball at Bushmaster Park | City of Flagstaff Official Website (
CO-2023-123 General Acrylics Contract
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