April 21, 2021
             4:00 P.M.

The meetings recording are available on the city's website

Call to Order
2. Roll Call
NOTE: One or more Commission Members may be in attendance telephonically or by other technological means.
  Vote: 5 - 0
  Vote: 6 - 0
3. Public Comment

At this time, any member of the public may address the Commission on any subject within their jurisdiction that is not scheduled before the Commission on that day. Due to Open Meeting Laws, the Commission cannot discuss or act on items presented during this portion of the agenda. To address the Commission on an item that is on the agenda, please wait for the Chair to call for Public Comment at the time the item is heard.
  No public comment

Approve the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Heritage Preservation Commission held on March 17, 2021.
  David Hayward abstained; absent at last meeting.
  Moved by Emily Dale, seconded by Caitlin Kelly
  Vote: 4 - 0
A. Cultural Resource Survey of 13.4 acre site for 139 unit apartment complex AKA Lofts on Continental.
Address:  5331 E Cortland Ave
Assessor's Parcel Number: 113-37-001E 
Property Owner:  SELNA RAYMOND JOSEPH TRUSTEE ; MONGINI MICHAEL TRUSTEE - Miramonte Homes contractual interest.
Applicant:  Cornerstone Environmental for Mogollon Engineering
City Staff:  Mark Reavis HPO

Concur with HPOs request for a Cultural Resource Study Review "Letter Report" and accept the report and its conclusions. The report is for a site survey of a proposed residential project with 139 apartment style for rent units on 13.4 acres consisting of 2 story apartments. NOTE: report has determined the likelihood of Cultural Resources. The HPC shall review the findings of the "Redacted Report" along with the HPOs determinations and recommended actions.
The HPO reviewed the findings of the Cultural Resource Survey and the non-redacted content report. The report notes two isolated occurrences of prehistoric native cultural evidence. The non-redacted report reviewed by the HPO notes many known and recorded sites within the general area. With such information and as noted in the report there is a high potential of inadvertent discovery of significant archeological resources present in the subsurface areas of the site. The HPO recommends acceptance of the Cultural Resource Study "letter report" as presented and its conclusions. The HPO further recommends that the CRS is the initial step in compliance with 10-30.30.050 and that additional reporting and artifact recovery may be required. The HPO recommends that on-site archeological monitoring be a requirement of the developments approval for ground disturbing activities; and the project developer shall submit documentation of a contract (or letter of commitment to contract with) with a qualified cultural resource firm for on-site ground disturbance monitoring as a provision of project approval.

  Josh Edwards: There were isolated occurrences found and there are sites in the surrounding area. There is a concern that there may be undiscovered sites beneath the surface in this location. Asked Mark to outline next step. 
Mark Reavis: Caitlin Stewart concluded that careful progressive testing was needed rather than monitoring, which is what was first proposed.
David Hayward: Clarified that testing is in place of continuous monitoring. 
Mark Reavis: A Phase 1 Cultural Resource Study is the appropriate documentation to provide the findings of additional testing.
Josh Edwards: Following the State guidelines, the additional testing is prudent in lieu of monitoring.
Charlie Webber: Is this investigation on City of Flagstaff land?
Josh Edwards This is on private land within the City of Flagstaff.
Mark Reavis: Redacted report has been forwarded to the commissioner.
  Moved by David Hayward, seconded by Jill Hough Approve the letter report with conditions that additional testing be done in accordance with the Phase 1 Cultural Resource Study
  Vote: 6 - 0
  Sara Dechter:  Additional correspondence from the applicant on the details will be added to the minutes
A. The Draft Carbon Neutrality Plan (A presentation to the Heritage Preservation Commission)
Information Only.
  Ramon DC Altorre presented the Flagstaff Carbon Neutrality Plan.

B. AZSITE Ad Hoc Advisory Committee Update
HPO involvement in improving Local CLGs access to usable initial information on Cultural Resource within their community.
  Mark Reavis is participating in the AZSite ad hoc committee for the State Historic Preservation Office.  Mark is one of only two members who is not an archeologist. He is advocating for CLG access to the database. Mark's recommendation for CLG access to AZSite is going to the main committee,  and a recommendation to recognize the public on the importance of historical sites without disclosing location.
C. Standards & Enforcement
Presented for HPC edification only, no actions to be taken.
  Mark Reavis presented on Standards and Enforcement in the Heritage Preservation program
The purpose of Reports is for the Heritage Preservation Officer to inform the Commission of Approvals and Consultations during the last month. Commissioners may provide comments and feedback. Public Comments on Reports are held during Public Comment (Item 3).
1. 604 W Santa Fe -Fence
Permit Number(s):  PZ-21-00081& CC-21-00266 minor improvement
Address:  604 W Santa Fe
Type of Approval: Certificate of No Effect  - approved
Approval Date:  April 1, 2021
2. 817 W Santa Fe - window replacement
Permit Number(s):  PZ-21-00076 & BP-21-00495
Address: 817 W Santa Fe Ave  
Type of Approval: HPC application review & permit for window replacement 
Approval Date:  4/7/2021
3. 608 W Aspen Ave - Duplex porch
Permit Number(s):  PZ-21-00106
Address:  608 W Aspen Ave.
Type of Approval:  Certificate of No Effect for Townsite
Approval Date:  4/7/2021
4. 706 W Aspen interior remodel - Townsite
Permit Number(s):  BP-22-00316
Address:  706 W Aspen Ave.
Type of Approval: Certificate of No Effect for exterior changes
Approval Date:  4/9/2021
5. 113 N Aztec metal roofing
Permit Number(s):  PZ-21-00096
Address:  113 N Aztec St
Type of Approval:  Certificate of No Effect - for Townsite Overlay Review
Approval Date:  4/13/2021
6. 811 W Cherry Unit #10 - Townsite
Permit Number(s):  BP-21-00610
Address:  811 W Cherry
Type of Approval:  Approved Certificate of No Effect
Approval Date:  4/13/2021
7. Back deck for 116 N Park St.
Permit Number(s):  PZ-21-00052 and BP-
Address:  116 N Park St.
Type of Approval:  Certificate of No Effect
Approval Date:  4/19/2021
1. 808 N Beaver St
Permit Number(s): BP-21-00509 & PZ-21-00071 
Address: 808 N Beaver St 
Type of Approval: Review for compliance with window and addition
2. 106 Comment review - NAU Cell pole cap
Permit Number(s):  NA
Address: 2100 S Huffer Lane - NAU Campus 
Type of Approval:  Section 106 NHPA comment review -  for NAU Campus Light Pole Cell cap.
3. 123 W Benton Ave - Potential Window Grant
Permit Number(s):  NA
Address:  123 W Benton Ave
Type of Approval:  Review, ongoing
4. E. Linda Vista Window Replacement
Permit Number(s):  BP-00506
Address:  1931 E Linda Vista Drive
Type of Approval:  Review for window replacement - post-World War II production housing - exempt
5. Bates 1955 Demo in NOHO
Permit Number(s):  BP-21-00568 & PZ-21-00102
Address:  1514 N Sunset
Type of Approval:  Demolition approved with voluntary mitigation. Significant integrity issues exempted the property from a Cultural Resource Study
6. 414 N Beaver - Window replacement review
Permit Number(s):  BP--21-00586
Address:  414 N Beaver
Type of Approval:  Return for corrections
Approval Date:  in Review
7. 515 W Fir Ave Window Replacement
Permit Number(s):  BP-21-00637
Address:  515 W Fir Ave
Type of Approval:  Window Replacement in Post WWII production housing
8. Juniper Point development - final plat
Permit Number(s):  PZ-19-00122-03
Address:  2000 W JW Powell Blvd.
Type of Approval:  Final Plat review - CRS approved April 2020
9. Pack Trail Residence
Permit Number(s):  PZ-19-00122-03
Address: not assigned 
Type of Approval:  Review of HP requirements for CRS -  Exempt
10. 3409 Grandview - window replacement
Permit Number(s):  BP-21-00356
Address:  3409 N Grandview Dr
Type of Approval:  Exempt
11. 300 E Papago Dr.
Permit Number(s):  BP-21-00536
Address:  300 E Papago Dr.
Type of Approval:  Review for HP requirements - Post WWII production housing exempt
12. Talkington Dr Window Replacement
Permit Number(s):  PZ-21-00073
Address: 2408 Talkington Dr. 
Type of Approval: Exempted
13. 11 E Sullivan Ave - new Duplex
Permit Number(s): PZ-21-00100 
Address:  11 E Sullivan Ave
Type of Approval:  HP review for compliance - exempt
14. 518 WC Riles St - ADU behind historic Southside home.
Permit Number(s):  PZ-21-00097
Address:  518 S WC Riles St
Type of Approval:  Review of proposed ADU - returned for corrections.
15. 1450 N Fort Valley Rd - propose site development 4 units - preliminary
Permit Number(s):  PZ-21-00098
Address:  1450 N Fort Valley Rd -
Type of Approval:  HP review for undeveloped land - Return for Corrections noting requirement for CRS
16. 200 S San Francisco - Flagtown Lofts project sign review
Permit Number(s):  PZ-17-00021-03
Address:  200 S San Francisco
Type of Approval:  Return of Corrections
17. 5210 S Cassandra new proposed home
Permit Number(s):  PZ-21-00017
Address:  5210 S Cassandra
Type of Approval: Review for HP on undeveloped land - exempt
18. 5451 S Cassandra SFH
Permit Number(s):  PZ-21-00005-01
Address:  5451 S Cassandra
Type of Approval:  HP review for home on undeveloped land - exempt
19. Loading dock at Frys
Permit Number(s):  BP-21-00616
Address:  1416 E Route 66
Type of Approval:  HP review - Exempt property
20. 1631 Aztec - ADU
Permit Number(s):  BP-21-00535
Address:  1631 N Aztec St
Type of Approval:  HP review - Recent decade home for interior ADU - Exempt
21. 817 N Humphreys St
Permit Number(s):  BP-21-00522
Address:  817 N Humphreys St
Type of Approval:  HP review - Exempt
22. 709 W Birch St - Garage conversion to ADU - Townsite Update
Permit Number(s):  PZ-21-00082
Address: 709 W Birch Street - Townsite
Type of Approval:  Variance application for garage conversion to ADU
Approval Date:  HPO reviewed variance application and approved with conditions 4/7/2021, Request for Certificate of No Effect in the Townsite Overlay will follow Board of Adjustment decision.
  • Recruitment of commissioner to fill property owner seat
  • Next submission date is April 28, 2021 for applications to be heard at the May 19, 2021 Regular Meeting
  Miscellaneous Announcements:

Sara Dechter: Need one or two additional applicants from commercial or residential property owner that owns historic property. Waiting on these additional applicants before new commission appointments. Commissioner Dale is waiting to be reappointed and need to fill former Commissioner Harris's position.

Mark Reavis: Full speed ahead on inventory update of the Southside. Has two Heritage Preservation Aides and they are well on their way to updating the Southside inventory and linking that to the context.

Sara Dechter: New Associate Planner introduction, Jordan Hollinger.

The undersigned hereby certifies that a copy of the foregoing notice was duly posted at Flagstaff City Hall on  4/15/21       , at  2:00             p.m. This notice has been posted on the City's website and can be downloaded at

Dated this   15            day of       April      , 2021.

Sara Dechter, Comprehensive Planning Manager                                            


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