MONDAY, APRIL 17, 2017
4:00 P.M.
1. Call to Order
  Chairwoman Archuleta called the Joint City/County Work Session of April 17, 2017, to order at 4:01 p.m.
The County Board of Supervisors and Flagstaff City Council introduced themselves.
Pledge of Allegiance.
  The Council, Board of Supervisors and audience recited the pledge of allegiance.
3. Roll Call:
NOTE: One or more Councilmembers/Supervisors may be in attendance telephonically or by other technological means.




  Others present: City Manager Josh Copley and City Attorney Sterling Solomon.
4. Public Participation:
Public Participation enables the public to address the Council about an items that are not on the agenda. Public Participation appears on the agenda twice, at the beginning and at the end of the work session. You may speak at one or the other, but not both. Anyone wishing to comment on an item that is on the agenda is asked to fill out a speaker card and submit it to the recording clerk. When the item comes up on the agenda, your name will be called. You may address the Council up to three times throughout the meeting, including comments made during Public Participation. Please limit your remarks to three minutes per item to allow everyone an opportunity to speak.
5. Update from the Arizona Department of Transportation.
  ADOT Engineer Audra Merrick presented a PowerPoint presentation that provided a brief overview of the coverage area of ADOT’s North Central District, current ADOT construction projects, 2018-2022 Tentative 5 Year Plan and upcoming Corridor Management Plans (CMP’s).  Various data and maps were provided to reflect the purpose and need for the upcoming CMPs along with the Scope of Work. 
Ms. Merrick answered questions asked by individual Board members and Councilmembers related to the Corridor Management Plans, a section of an I-40 project to be addressed this summer and road overlay projects. She provided clarification of a federal project related to roadwork near Oak Creek Canyon and ADOT’s Adopt-A-Highway permits.    
6. Update on County Fairgrounds and Snow Play.
  Coconino County Parks and Recreation Interim Director Brian Grube presented a PowerPoint that highlighted the purpose and process used to create Snowplay at Ft. Tuthill; which included a map of the Snowplay area and the timeline utilized for its completion and opening. He provided additional information on plans for future growth and development to include zorbing, an airbag jump, expanded concessions, etc.
Coconino County Parks and Recreation Construction Manager Jeff Stein presented information and renderings of Fort Tuthill’s Quad Redevelopment Project Concept Plan; which also included a concept rendering of the North Fairgrounds entryway and construction phases.
Vice Mayor Whelan inquired as to sustainability that may have been implemented in planning of the redevelopment.  Mr. Stein noted that the landscaping was all native or adaptive plants and they did establish the ability for rainwater harvesting on a modest scale. There was a lot of effort made to the showcase the historic aspect of the Quad Redevelopment. 
Upon inquiry from Supervisor Parks, Mr. Stein explained the site was designed in consideration of a new multipurpose building.
7. Update and Discussion on Highway 180 Winter Recreation Congestion.
  Supervisor Babbott noted the Winter Recreation Task Force has been reactivated and the purpose of his presentation was to highlight some of the key items in the Flagstaff Region that have long term public safety issues. He reported on the strategies identified in the 2012 FMPO 180 Winter Traffic Study and Traffic Signing Plan and of several Grappling with Gridlock community forums that were held in order to collect information. Finally, he highlighted survey results and the critical next steps of investing communities and businesses.
NAIPTA CEO and General Manager Jeff Meilbeck briefly reported on a federal grant received by NAIPTA that will allow for an opportunity to do an implementation plan that will help solve the issues.
Supervisor Babbott answered questions asked by several Councilmembers regarding opportunities to share assets and resources for management of parking along the Highway 180 corridor and need to use good data before allocating good resources for capital projects, initiatives, etc.     
Councilmember Overton raised the issue of bringing reclaimed water to Ft. Tuthill, which both City, County and private entities could work together on in the future.
Mayor Evans thanked Supervisor Babbott for the work he is doing and stated she would like to work with him on this project.
8. Review of Optimization of Court Development Project and Private Sector Development Opportunities.
  Coconino County Facilities Director Sue Brown provided an overview of the purpose for the Request for Information (RFI) on the Court Development Project. The key strategic goal is to co-locate the Municipal Court and Justice Court in downtown Flagstaff. She described the background and vision for the project, the lack of parking space issue and various resources that may be used for the project. The RFI includes property descriptions, Zoning/Entitlements, Transaction Structures, Statement of Limitations and Submittal Requirements; it is due May 3, 2017.  She briefly explained the next steps to be taken to proceed to procurement.
There were no questions or discussion following the presentation.
9. 2017 City of Flagstaff and Coconino County Legislative Update.
  Director Madeksza highlighted the purpose of the County Supervisors Association (CSA), AACo, NACO and NALEO and, provided an overview of the federal priorities currently supported by Coconino County.
Supervisor Ryan noted transportation funding is still an issue; HURF has not been funded in a way that helps cities and counties identify sustainable solutions.
Councilmember Putzova inquired as to Coconino County’s position on illegal immigration.
Director Madeksza stated there needs to be a comprehensible approach that is not a one-size fits all, across the spectrum.
City Manager Copley reported on the City’s’ guiding principles and federal legislative priorities; which included Public Housing and Section 8 funding, Immigration Policies and Reform the Medicaid Institutions for Mental Diseases Exclusion Transfer of Federal Lands.  He highlighted federal and state projects supported by the City.
There were no questions or discussion following the presentation.
10. Comprehensive Parking Management Update.
  Interim Parking Manager Karl Eberhard presented a PowerPoint that highlighted the background, mission and goals of the parking management project and a summary of the nuts and bolts of the program. He provided a map that displayed the downtown parking areas and described the various methods that can be used to pay for the parking permits.
Chairwoman Archuleta inquired as to whether or not the downtown loading zones would remain the same.  Mr. Eberhard noted there will be no changes at this time, it will be addressed later in the process. 
Supervisor Babbott commended Mr. Eberhard and the City for their collaborative efforts on this project. He noted that private parking is important and should be discussed and not overlooked. Mr. Eberhard noted there are two lots currently being looked at with private partners.
11. Informational Items To/From Chairman, Supervisors and County Manager/Mayor, Council and City Manager; future agenda item requests.
  Supervisor Babbott noted the regional transportation plan is coming through the adoption process. The County’s legislative piece on National Park Service infrastructure requirements is important due to the current landscape and in order to get our parks adequately infrastructure resourced.
Vice Mayor Whelan noted she believed the City is considering support of the same issue and felt it was delightful to sit with all of the Board and Council at today’s joint meeting.
Supervisor Ryan had nothing to report.
Councilmember Odegaard thanked the Board for Supervisors for use of their facilities.
Councilmember Putzova requested a future joint meeting agenda item to discuss climate change.
Councilmember Overton thanked the Board of Supervisors for the ability to use the Boards facilities and thanked Supervisor Babbott for his work on the Highway 180 issue.
Councilmember McCarthy thanked the Board of Supervisors for the joint meeting.
Supervisor Parks thanked Supervisor Babbott for his work on the Highway 180 issue and reported on the Navajo Generating Station closing issue. He noted he was in Washington D.C. with Supervisor Fowler last week and believes the closing may be able to be extended until 2019 via an agreement. 
Mayor Coral Evans requested a future agenda item to discuss the Fair Chance Business Pledge (Ban the Box). Chairwoman Archuleta explained the purpose of Coconino County’s policy to not automatically reject an application if someone has checked the criminal history box.
Chairwoman Archuleta commented on the County’s support of public lands and National Parks. She thanked the City Council for meeting with the Board of Supervisors.  
12. Public Participation
13. Adjournment

  The Flagstaff City Council/Coconino County Board of Supervisors Joint Work Session of April 17, 2017, adjourned at 5:55 p.m.






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