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Meeting Date: 02/07/2023  
Co-Submitter: Tim Harrington From: Corryn Smith, Water IT Admin

Consideration and Approval of Contract: A Cooperative Purchase Contract with Surdex Corporation in the amount of $74,958.00 for Orthoimagery and LiDAR Data Acquisition. 
  1. Approve the Cooperative Purchase Contract with Surdex Corporation in the amount of $74,958.00 for Orthoimagery and LiDAR Data Acquisition; and
  2. Authorize the City Manager to execute the necessary documents. 
Executive Summary:
The 2025 Flagstaff Water Services Strategic Plan emphasizes the benefit of implementing data driven decisions to increase the efficiency of managing the City's water, wastewater, reclaimed water, and stormwater infrastructure. Under the Cooperative Purchase Contract, Surdex Corporation (Surdex) will provide orthoimagery, which is high resolution imagery captured by low altitude planes (aerial imagery) or satellites. Surdex will also provide Light Detection and Range (LiDAR) Data which is a combination of 3-D and laser scanning to create high resolution elevation profiles for terrain mapping.

The collection of current orthoimagery and LiDAR data is critical for understanding the rapidly growing City. The City last purchased high resolution orthoimagery in 2013. With recent development and changes in physical landscapes due to climate change events, it is vital to acquire new data with the orthoimagery and LiDAR to understand changes in stormwater, water, and wastewater systems. The new data will open the doors to several projects such as creating new elevation profiles for recently compromised Schultz Creek watershed and examining high water consumption landscapes. In addition, on a daily basis, field crew operators in Water Distributions, Wastewater Collections, and Stormwater Maintenance will use the imagery collected while performing work orders, inspections, and service requests. The new data will also capture City owned well fields, such as Lake Mary and Woody Mountain, which will allow Water Services to make smarter planning and operational decisions.
Financial Impact:

Funding for this project was found in the fiscal year (FY23) in multiple Sections that will benefit from this new data.  

202-08-303-1051-0-4214:  $4,000 

202-08-303-1052-0-4290: $6,000 

202-08-303-1054-0-4237: $10,000 

202-08-301-1011-0-4224: $25,000 

203-08-312-1122-0-4206: $5,000 

203-08-311-1110-0-4206: $8,000 

204-08-321-1202-0-4208: $2,000 

206-08-331-1257-0-4237: $14,958 

Policy Impact:
Connection to PBB Priorities/Objectives, Carbon Neutrality Plan & Regional Plan:
Priority Based Budget Key Community Priorities and Objectives High Performing Governance: Enhance the organization's fiscal stability and increase efficiency and effectiveness. Carbon Neutrality Plan CR-1: Ensure all mitigation actions improve Flagstaff's ability to adapt to the future. Regional Plan Goal WR.2. Manage a coordinated system of water, wastewater, and reclaimed water utility service facilities and resources at the City level and identify funding to pay for new resources 
Has There Been Previous Council Decision on This:
Options and Alternatives:
  1. Approve the Cooperative Purchase Contract with Surdex for orthoimagery and LiDAR Data Acquisition through Federal General Services Administration (GSA) cooperative contract #47QTCA18D00J5; or
  2. Do not approve the Cooperative Purchase Contract with Surdex through GSA cooperative contract #47QTCA18D00J5 and direct staff to conduct a formal procurement for the services. This is not a preferred option as it will delay the collection of necessary data.
The City last purchased high resolution orthoimagery in 2013, nearly a decade ago. The lack of updated imagery hinders planning and operational efforts within Water Services. With updated orthoimagery and LiDAR data, field crew members can quickly understand the location of various assets, which will allow them to address water main breaks, stormwater flooding, and sanitary sewer overflows with ease. While historic imagery serves a purpose to understand how landscapes have changed over time, it is imperative to keep up-to-date on this type of data as the City continues to grow and develop. The updated data will be used for better planning of critical infrastructure, including, Lake Mary and Woody Mountain well fields. Engineers and Planners will use the orthoimagery to examine these remote sites without having to go into the field.

Without this new data, the City will remain behind on aerial imagery which is greatly important for comprehending growth, but also spatially understanding our infrastructure such as valves, hydrants, manholes, and catch basins in proximity to streets, curbs, structures, and private properties. Without the LiDAR data, the City will not be able to provide updated elevation profiles of the recently compromised Schultz Creek Watershed (due to the Pipeline West fire and flooding events from 2022), which will result in lack of updated models for short-term and long-term flood mitigation. 

Procurement staff reviewed the GSA cooperative contract #47QTCA18D00J5 to determine that the cooperative contract is current, valid and that Surdex is able to provide Water Services the correct scope for the orthoimagery and LiDAR Data Acquisition.
Key Considerations:
To adopt the Cooperative Purchase Contract with Surdex will align with Water Service's 2025 Strategic Goals of: Use Standards and Data to Drive Decisions Making, Upgrade Stormwater System and Increase Maintenance, Accelerate Infrastructure Maintenance and Replacement, Improve Compliance with Environmental Standards and Protections, Enhance Communications and Customer Service.
Contract No CO-2023-56


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