Heritage Preservation Commission

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Meeting Date: 02/17/2021  
From: Mark Reavis, Heritage Preservation Officer and Neighborhood Planner

606 N and 604 N Beaver Street -  Potential Grant Properties

Address:  606 N Beaver Street and 604 N Beaver
Review for potential grants for historic stone building (606) and 604 mid-century modern building. 
The 2 properties are immediately adjacent to the North End Residential Historic District.
Both of the properties are potentially eligible for Historic Facades and Signs Grant program. Property owner is considering applying for 606 as very likely while 604 has a deadline for a new tenant.
606:The Malpais stone building can receive grant funding for the stone portion only and efforts to restore divided light window for consistent appearance. The additions to building are wood sided and are not eligible but residing is required and should be selected as being compatible.

604: Project is a mid-century modern which would be ideal example to stress the importance of mid-century design.


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