City Council Meeting - FINAL

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Meeting Date: 02/02/2021  
From: Stacy Saltzburg, City Clerk

Discussion and Possible Direction Regarding City Council Rules of Procedure
Council Direction
Pursuant to City Charter Article II, Section 14, years ago the City Council adopted Rules of Procedure for the conduct of its Council meetings. The City Council generally reviews the Rules of Procedure after a new Council has been seated. This review gives Council the opportunity to propose any updates or changes that they would like. 

Periodically, amendments are brought forward by staff for consideration and the City Council can request amendments to the Rules of Procedure at any time.

Following Council direction, amendments to the Rules of Procedure will be brought back to Council for adoption.
In addition to any amendments that the Council may like to discuss, staff has identified a few areas where Council discussion or direction may be beneficial. A brief description of the staff amendments are provided below and redlined amendments are provided as an attachment.
  • Section 3.01 Regular Meetings
    • Change the regular meeting date in August to better accommodate the League of Arizona Cities and Towns Annual Conference
      • The Rules require a regular Council meeting be held on the third Thursday of August following the summer break. This often conflicts with the League Annual Conference and Council often has to take an official action to reschedule the meeting to the fourth Tuesday.
      • The proposed change would allow the Council to hold their regular meeting on the third or fourth Tuesday of August following the summer break.
    • Review options for meeting times.
  • Section 5.01 - Regular Meeting Agenda
    • Add "Legislative Update" to the Regular Meeting Agenda Order of Business template during the legislative session.
      • Allows for a legislative update section of the agenda to be established during the legislative session
  • Add Section 5.02 "Work Session Agenda"
    • An order of business has been established for regular meetings but not for work sessions. This addition would codify the agenda template for work sessions.
  • Remove 2nd paragraph of Section 7.03 and integrate into Sections 9.01 and 9.02 that address public participation directly.
    • Standardizes the public participation requirements for both public hearings and regular agenda items.
  • Section 9.02 (E)
    • Remove specified time limit for staff and applicant presentations to bring in line with current practice.
  • Add Section 11.07 "Meetings with State and Federal Delegation and Annual Lobbying Trips."
    • Council established protocols associated with lobbying trips and meetings in October 2019. These edits codify those protocols.
Current Rules of Procedure
Possible Amendments for Rules of Procedure


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