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Meeting Date: 11/18/2020  
From: Sara Dechter, AICP, Comprehensive Planning Manager

Historic Facades and Signs Grant Completion
Address: 215 S Park  St.
215 S Park St. is the historic home of Manuel and Ynecita Chavez historically and was purchased by the Robinson family in the 1980s.  In 2017, the property owner applied for a grant from the City to replace the roof.  Halfway through the job, the contractor walked away, leaving the building exposed during a heavy monsoon season leading to damage throughout the building. The property owner sent a letter saying they were sad but could not finish the work and were selling the property with the expectation it would be demolished and the City could reallocate the grant. 
That could have been the end of the story.  However, the new property owner, Walker Chancellor of Hope Construction, examined the building and wanted to take another look at preserving it. He found some historic photos and came back to the City to see if he could reapply for the grant.  The Heritage Preservation Commission had never given a grant to a property after the previous project failed, but the property owner had a proven track record and showed that he could complete the work.  The grant was reallocated in 2019 and renovations began. 
Chancellor not only replaced the roof and restored the stucco, which was the material on the building in the early twentieth century, but found one room of the building was built entirely of railroad ties.  He left them exposed on the interior to show the innovation and history of the building and the neighborhood.

This is a great example of how the tools of the City’s Heritage Preservation program and the skills of builders, the Heritage Preservation Office and support of the Heritage Preservation Commission can save a building; so it is a sustainable asset to its neighborhood and Flagstaff’s history.  Big kudos to everyone for their persistence.
Bathroom photo
Dining Room photo
Exterior 1 photo
Exterior 2 photo
Kitchen photo
Living Room photo


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