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Meeting Date: 04/01/2014  
Co-Submitter: Dan Musselman, Deputy Police Chief (Support Services)
From: Gregory Jay, Police Sergeant

Consideration and Approval of Grant Application: Arizona Governor's Office of Highway Safety (GOHS) Federal Fiscal Year 2015 for Police Department Applications for DUI Task Force,  and Youth Alcohol Prevention and Interdiction.
Approve the application(s) to the Arizona Governor's Office of Highway Safety (GOHS) for grant funds for the Police Department in the amount of $45,240 for DUI Task Force activities with an additional $11,459 for speed detection devices, $44,160 for Youth Alcohol Prevention and Interdiction task force.
Policy Decision or Reason for Action:
  • Approval and acceptance of the grant applications to GOHS for the Police Department, D.U.I. Task Force, Speed Detection Devices, and the Youth Alcohol Prevention and Interdiction.

  • Without monies allocated by the FY 2015 grant to the Flagstaff Police Department, monies needed
    to pay scheduled overtime for activities to prevent and control crime may not be available in the
    City's annual budget.

  • This much needed equipment will assist the Flagstaff Police Department to enforce traffic laws with the necessary tools.
Financial Impact:
There is no significant financial impact to the Flagstaff Police Department in terms of expenditures.
Connection to Council Goal:
11. Effective governance
Has There Been Previous Council Decision on This:
Yes, Council has accepted prior-year funded GOHS grants.  The Flagstaff Police Department have
received these grants for a number of years.
Options and Alternatives:
Approve the Grant Application(s)
Disapprove the Grant Applications(s)
The Flagstaff Police Department considers any loss of life or limb to a drug or alcohol-related, motor
vehicle accident unacceptable. We have conducted both in-service and advanced officer training in
D.U.I. detection. We have a longstanding tradition of aggressive D.U.I. interdiction and enforcement.
Every officer in our organization is held accountable to D.U.I. arrest standards. Each officer working a
night shift is expected to achieve a D.U.I. standard performance rating, which is identified as three or
more D.U.I. arrests per month. This is done in the interest of protecting life and property through collision
reduction. Our interdiction efforts have further been supported with D.U.I. overtime operations such as
task force patrols, and directed patrols on weekends and holidays. These efforts are staffed by officers
on overtime to enhance effectiveness. Without the financial resources provided for by DUI Task Force
grant application, it is difficult, if not impossible, to staff these operations with on-duty officers as they
have primary responsibility to respond to all manner of calls for service during their shift.

The Flagstaff Police Department has requested grant funds for the purchase of 10 speed detection devices. These speed detection instruments would provide officers the necessary tools to detect speeding vehicles and reduce speed related collisions. These tools go along with DUI detection and apprehension which makes our city streets safer.

The Youth Alcohol Prevention and Interdiction grant application fits in with our mission to protect
and preserve life and property. The Flagstaff Police Department has a zero tolerance policy toward
alcohol-related crimes including: driving under the influence, minor consumption, misrepresentation of
age to purchase alcohol, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Related to these ends, the FPD
expects each of its patrol officers to pro actively engage in the arrest of liquor violations. Flagstaff Police
Department officers are typically attached to patrol squads that work during the evening and night time
hours. During their shift, these officers are responsible for answering calls for service while remaining
vigilant for alcohol violations. However, we feel that we have the potential to be even more effective and
have a greater impact in the area of underage drinking enforcement during known times and locations
when these types of violations are more likely to occur. Our proposal concerns the granting of overtime
reimbursement funds for directed patrol efforts for the enforcement of underage drinking laws, as well as
an educational component.
Key Considerations:
The law-abiding citizens of our community expect and deserve our streets and neighborhoods to be
places where they feel safe. The approval of these grant applications will allow us to seek additional
resources to help us reduce collisions through removing impaired drivers, underage alcohol prevention and education. The numerous letters and comments the Police Department receives from citizens reinforces this goal.
Community Benefits and Considerations:
The Police Department grant applications will assist the Flagstaff Police Department to prevent and
control crime,  and administer justice.
Community Involvement:

Flagstaff Police-GOHS 2015 DUI Task Force Grant Application
Flagstaff Police-GOHS 2015 Youth Alcohol Prevention & Interdiction Grant Application

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Final Approval Date: 03/21/2014


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